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Friday, March 09, 2012

Senate Fails to Expenite Keystone

"Why don't they get it?"

They DO get it. They just do not care. That's the point.

Hey folks,

So why does it seem that those in the Senate don't get it? Why do they not see Gas going up again, heading to $5.00 if not $6.00 a gallon? Why do they not see this will DESTROY the Economy? Why do they not see this for what it is? A Loss of Jobs, Increased Costs on EVERYTHING, and a decrease in National Security in these very dangerous times we live in? They DO. They just do not care.

Look, the sad little Truth is this. They are all MILLIONAIRES. Then again, they do not even PAY for their Gas. They think this will not effect them. What about the rest of us? They do not care. Obama needs the LWL {Left Wing Looneys} The Far Left Wing Kook Fringe. The Environmental Wackos. The "Chicken Little" GWBS Crowd. He NEEDS their Votes.

He feels that he already lost the Votes of those who are complaining about High Gas Prices. Those not, he can lie to them and they will simply believe whatever he says. In his mind, and the mind of Reid and the Kooks in the Senate, if they OK the Pipeline, they will loss the LWL Vote and guarantee Obama's defeat in November.

Here is the Link: The Washington Post - Senate rejects expediting Keystone pipeline By Juliet Eilperin and Ed O’Keefe, Published: March 8

In the wake of lobbying by President Obama and Senate Democratic leaders, the Senate Thursday defeated legislation to speed up construction of a U-S.-Canadian oil pipeline.

The White House victory came after the president started personally calling Democratic senators Wednesday night. The vote underscored the extent to which rising gas prices and energy supply have become a central political issue.
I want you to read that again. "The White House Victory." $5.00 to $6.00 a gallon gas. HUNDREDS of thousands of Jobs LOST in just this ONE industry. DECREASED National Security. And Higher Prices for all in this hurting Economy. "The White House Victory."

We have talked about this many times folks. We could be, right now, using nearly 100 percent of our OWN Energy, produced here and from our friends in the North. We would need not worry about the Middle East. We would CREATE HUNDREDS of Thousands of NEW, long lasting, well paying Jobs. We WOULD lower costs on EVERYTHING. We would INCREASE REVENUE to nearly a TRILLION Dollar. Obama CALLED Democrats and said "you better not Vote for this!" "The White House Victory."

You can read the whole thing if you want. But that is all you REALLY need to know. "The White House Victory." The only way we are going to reduce our dependency on Foreign Sources for our Energy. The only way we will reduce Price. The ONLY way to get this Country back to heading the right direction, is NEW LEADERSHIP in the White House and Senate. PERIOD. We can not afford another 4 more years of this. You NEED to go out and VOTE in November. That is the ONLY way we can save this Country.

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