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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Purposeful Decrease In American Security, Job Loss, Revenue Loss, Increased Energy Cost

What do you call?

Hey folks,

Seriously. I'm asking you. What do you call? What do you call a person who DECREASES American National Security, aids the Enemy, making it EASIER for the Enemy to attack us by making it EASIER for the Enemy to cripple us? What else would you call such a person?

What do you call a person that rejects HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of Dollars in NEW Revenue in an Economy where we have seen our debt rise to uncontrollable levels? What do you call a person that CAUSES hundreds of Thousands of Job Losses in a country with RECORD High Unemployment? With Tens Of Thousand of NEW unemployed, meaning no paycheck, meaning they can no longer pay Mortgages, meaning MORE Home Foreclosures. What do you call a person that INCREASES Energy Cost for EVERY Man, Woman, and Child in this Country? As we already know, increase Energy Costs MEAN Increased EVERYTHING Costs.

More importantly, what do you call a person that does ALL these things, ON PURPOSE!?!?!? Intentionally. With a PLAN. Somehow ignorant, and or Stupid, just doesn't cover it. We have such a person in this Country that HAS done all these things. His name is Barack Obama. President Barack Obama.

No this is not some Political Tirade. No, I'm not saying all this because I want to see "my guy" get the Nomination and win the Election. I do not even have a "guy" yet. No I'm not saying all this to be provocative. I'm telling you the TRUTH. He HAS done this. He IS doing this.

Obama's Lackey, Deputy Secretary of State William Burns, made the statement yesterday that Obama says NO to the Keystone Pipeline. Then he said that Obama BLAMES Republicans. Claiming that it was because Republicans wanted Obama to make the decision in 60 days. Not enough time for Obama's Loon Base to create FALSE and Misleading Arguments that it will be a danger to the Environment. {Sigh}

Folks, this is complete and unadulterated BS. Remember what Obama said about the Wind Farms, that were and ARE, SLAUGHTERING ENDANGERED Species of Birds? He said he wants all the normal Environmental Studies rolled into one and he wanted an "Acceptable number" of Birds that could be killed. Remember that? Forget the fact we have THOUSANDS of Miles of Pipelines already in this country, with ZERO problems. FORGET the Environmental impact of all those Boats, Planes, and Trucks that have to transport all that FOREIGN Oil all over the Country, and the Environmental BENEFIT of reducing that number. NONE of that matters. It's PURELY Politics for Obama.

There is NO Logical reason, WHATSOEVER, to REJECT Hundreds of Thousand of Jobs, Hundreds of BILLIONS of Dollars in NEW and SUSTABLE Revenue, and INCREASE Our National Security by getting 92 percent of ALL of our Liquid Fuel needs for RIGHT HERE and our Friends in the North. NONE. No not one. We already talked about how easy, so to speak, it would be for someone like Iran, or ANYONE, to cut off the Supply of Oil. Ask Georgia how it was when Russia did that to them. It would be EASY for some Foreign Government, that do not like us to begin with, to turn around one day and say, "You know what, we what you to change your ways. We want you to do XYZ. Until you do? No Oil for you!!!" They would not be able to do this if 92 Percent of our Energy Needs were being met HERE. Sorry. But FACTS are the FACTS.

But we have a President, in title only, that is doing EXACTLY that. He is doing ALL this on PURPOSE. With one word, he could UNDO it. He chooses NOT to. Time WE chose a New President. Time we Chose NEW Leaders in Congress. Time to REJECT Stupid, and bring in Smart. Time we start getting SERIOUS. Because what Obama and Crew ARE doing, IS Serious. Seriously DANGEROUS to America. Dangerous to EVERY Man, Woman, and Child IN IT. Dangerous to our Future. Time for REAL Hope and REAL Change. We may not survive another 4 years.

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