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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

92 Percent of US Liquid Fuel Produced Here and Canada

Talk about Energy Security.

Hey folks,

While the Left continue to Dream Green, and produce no real answers, others are not only finding answers, but answers that will make us Energy Independent.

By 2030, the United States could secure 92 percent of its liquid fuels from secure sources(i.e. the U.S. and Canada) with access to oil resources on public lands and in federal waters that are currently off-limits, and with the approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline which would bring additional oil supplies from Canada.

Currently, we depend on sources outside the U.S.and Canada for 38 percent of our liquid fuels, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. With no changes to policy, plus continuing growth in biofuels under current law, EIA forecasts that would shrink to about 30 percent in 2030. However, with sensible changes to oil and natural gas policy we could reduce that to 8 percent, while at the same time creating massive numbers of new U.S. jobs and huge amounts of revenue for our government.
The folks over at Energy Tomorrow, made a Video discussing this. Mark Green makes it clear to understand that the Solution is NOT a difficult one to find or understand.

The Keystone Pipeline System is a pipeline system to transport Crude Oil from the Athabasca Oil Sands in Northeastern Alberta, Canada to Refineries in Illinois and Oklahoma. In time it will take it further to the U.S. Gulf Coast. All that is needed is that the Government to get out of the way. Allow the Expansion. If so, it could bring an extra 830,000 barrels of oil per day which is equal to about half of what currently is Imported from the Persian Gulf within the next ten years. It could also create more than 340,000 new American Jobs.

We have already seen MAJOR successes. Northern Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas and Colorado, where our companies are unlocking huge, new discoveries of natural gas. The Industry created 57,000 jobs in Pennsylvania and West Virginia alone as part of the Marcellus Shale development.

Meanwhile? GM announced that they will build a brand new, state of the art, Battery factory for the "Green Cars." Creating hundreds if not thousands of new Jobs. Where? Mexico. I kid you not. Mexico. The Government owned Government Motors will build a new planet, creating new Jobs, for the people of Mexico. While the CEO calls for a $1.00 increase per gallon in Gas Tax to "incentivize" people to buy the Green Cars that no one wants.

So who is a friend of American People? The Energy Industry, or our own Government? Who has the answer to our Energy Needs and Security? It's NOT found in the Green Dream, nor is it found in Government. As Mark Green says in the Video,

"Energy Security is not out of reach nor it is a mystery on how to get there. We know what the answers are. Safe responsible development of US Resources, and a continued strong partnership with Canada. America's Oil and Natural Gas Companies can provide Energy Security. The only question is, will our Government let them?"
It really is simple. The World RUNS on Oil and Natural Gas. In some areas, they run on Nuclear Power. The US? We have some in this country that denounce all these things, and wants GOVERNMENT to come up with something new tomorrow that we can flip a switch and all of a sudden, be GREEN. The problem is, there is NOTHING to switch to. There is NO SWITCH. Yet, they want us to abandon what the rest of the World runs on and what WE run on, and they think this will FORCE people to switch. But again? There is NOTHING to switch to.

Once again. I would love to be "off the grid." Have a low cost, or free source of Energy. Such as the Sun, Wind, ETC. By the way, you DO understand that the Government and others WILL find a way to CHARGE you for all this "Free and Low cost" Energy, whenever they Perfect it? Right? It will not be Free. You will be charged for using Natural Resources. Anyway, I would love a "Greener World." Let's work on getting there, but lets get Government out of the way, and lets get Energy Independent using what we HAVE got, and WHAT the World, and US, what WE run on, while we work on perfecting a Greener way. "We can control our Energy Destiny." Dreams or Reality. We are running out of time to choose.

The Keys to Energy Security
Energy Tomorrow Video

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