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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The People to The Government, PLEASE Control Our Temperature!

A couple of years ago, people said, "It will never happen here." It already is.

Hey folks,

Happy Tuesday to ya. How are you today? Here is sunny South Florida, it is a cool 65 Degrees this morning. I got up and noticed a bit of chill in the air. I turned on the Heat, for about 10 minutes, just to take the chill off, and then I turned it off. How are you? What's your temperature outside? I see in my old Stopping Grounds of Salisbury Mills NY it's 33.1. Glad I'm here. {Smile}

So what is your comfort level? Do you like to walk around your house as if it were Summer? You like 75? What about when it is high 80s or 90s. Do you prefer to wear a sweater in your home? You like 75 year round? Do you like 65? Seriously, what is your comfort level? I've visited some friends and family over the years where I could not stand the heat in their homes. Then I had to wear a COAT in others homes in the Winter time. But that's good for them and I never complain, it's THEIR home.

However, it may not be like this too much longer. Let me explain how "Smart Meters" really work. Energy Company XWZ in your State, in your County, send a bunch of Pencil Pushing, Statisticians, and Numbers Guys, into a back room somewhere in their Company. They look at their, say 30 Million Customers. They say "OK. The Average Temperature in the Winter is THIS. The Average Temperature in the Summer is THIS. If we set the Temperature in the Home at say 75 {Just for example} the AC will kick on this many times, the heat this many. This will generate a Revenue of THIS. They haggle. They debate. They try it out the first year, then they tweak it the next. They figure out the BEST optimal Temperature for the best Revenue Stream. They do not CARE what you think or what your optimal Temperature is for Comfort. They come up with a number and it becomes a Hard Number. Set. It is what it is. Live with it.

I can hear some of you now. Screw that. That opens the door for the Big Bad Energy Companies to ABUSE it's Customers. We can not allow that. We can not let them get away with this. So? How do we prevent this? GOVERNMENT!!! We need Government to step in and Control these "Smart Meters." We need GOVERNMENT to protect us from the Evils of the Big Energy Companies. {Sigh}

As with MANY things, this is how people have been conditioned. There are Evils in the World and we need Government to come in and protect us. The first thought that ran through my head when I read this Article was "Get the Government the Hell OUT of our Homes and lives, and we no longer have a problem." But when this has been enacted, the PEOPLE that have been so conditioned, their first thought was to call out to Government for help. FREEDOM never even entered their mind. Sad is it not?

Just like the Economy, Healthcare, and many other things in a Socialistic Society, all you have to do is LOOK at where it is to see what IS coming. Look at Greece. Look at Italy. Look at Europe. Just like all other things, look at "Smart Meters." A couple of years ago, people said, "It will never happen here." It already is. They have them in California. I remember when I first brought this up people told me I was crazy. "It's MY Home. I will control MY Temperature in MY HOME!!" Uh, no you will not. That is called FREEDOM. This is not what we are talking about. Here is the FIRST Paragraph, and REALLY all you need to know about the WHOLE Article in The Guardian - Smart meters could lead to huge rise in energy bills By Rajeev Syal, The Guardian, Monday 16 January 2012

Plans to roll out new and more sophisticated meters to every home in Britain are open to abuse by energy companies and should be regulated with more vigour by the government, a powerful committee of MPs has concluded.
Like I said, People have been conditioned to see Energy Companies as these Big Bad Entities that are Greedy and Evil and the People NEED Protection by Government against them. So simply put the thought into People's heads that they {The Big Bad Energy Companies} may be allowed to abuse the People, the People CALL OUT FOR GOVERNMENT to come to the rescue. Look at the way this is worded. Margaret Hodge, the Chair of some Consumer Group in Britain, said this..

"Consumers will have to pay suppliers for the costs of installing and operating smart meters through their energy bills and no transparent mechanism presently exists for ensuring that savings to the supplier are passed on. The track record of energy companies to date does not inspire confidence that this will happen."
Again, Energy Companies are EVIL and Abusive. We need Government to step in and control them. See how this works. She went on..

"The government is relying on competition in the market to drive down prices. But, as has been previously reported by Ofgem, the energy market does not currently operate as an effective competitive market.

"The department [of energy and climate change] should clearly set out what energy suppliers' responsibilities will be for engaging with consumers to deliver the benefits of smart meters; and how they will be held accountable to both the department and consumers,"
So you see folks. It's for your own good. You see. The Government will make sure that these Companies answer to YOU. Yes. The Government is on your side. They are looking out for YOU. Just don't worry about it. The Government KNOWS what is best for you. {Sigh} The sad thing is, PEOPLE will BUY this garbage. So why are they dealing with all this nonsense ANYWAY?

Under European directives, all member states are required to install "intelligent metering systems" to at least 80% of domestic electricity consumers by 2020.
{Laughing} You got it. The GOVERNMENT Commanded it. Now the Government will take it over,,uh,, because the PEOPLE are asking for HELP!!

Folks, make no mistake about it. It's coming HERE. All this Socialistic Nonsense that would never have even been thought of as a possibility of being enacted HERE is COMING. This Administration as taken HUGE leaps forward toward that end result. This is WHY it is so important to Vote for REAL Hope and REAL Change this next Election. We need Adults, SANE Adults, in charge. And we need FREEDOM to reign supreme once again. Or, you know, go buy a sweater, you may need it to watch the next American Idol.

The Guardian - Smart meters could lead to huge rise in energy bills

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