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Sunday, January 08, 2012

DLA Of The Year 2011

This is Harder than the Idiot of the YEAR..

Hey folks,

For those of you who may be new here, or those of you who don't remember how this works, what we do it take all the Winners, narrow it down until we come up with the top Five. Time for the Display of Logic Award for 2011.

This is Harder than the Idiot of the YEAR. It's harder EVERY Week to find someone that understand REALITY. Is Intelligent enough to understand what they see, and BOLD enough to go with it. I always like this time of year and the time I spend going over past Winners and reliving, if you will, the Past Stories. Ready? How about a Liberal that tells the Truth?

Number 5 - OPNTalk - DLA For Sunday 082811

Now we have the Head, the U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan Speaking the TRUTH! Again, he said this.

“And the best ideas, I've always said, in education are never going to come from me or frankly from anyone else in Washington. They’re always going to come from great teachers, great principals at the local level. We want to hold them accountable, but give them lots more room to move and to do the right thing for the children in their community where they know best what those children and what the community need.”

You are SO right Mr. Duncan. Congratulations, you ARE the Winner of the Display of Logic Award for today, Sunday, August 28, 2011. Any good idea's to "Rid ourselves" of this over cost, pointless, Government entity? Just curious.
He is in the top Five because it is even MORE Rare to find a Liberal who tells the Truth. Next?

Number 4 - OPNTalk - DLA For Sunday 032711

Our winner of the Display of Logic Award this Week, speaks for himself. I have nothing to add to this. It's by Bjorn Lomborg, and it appeared in the USA Today, Thursday 032411 - 'Earth Hour' won't change the world. Just read and absorb the WEALTH of information in this one Article.
Seriously folks, Click the Link and read it. If the Link is no longer active at the side, then Just check it out here. Next? Another Democrat. One that understand Reality. Truly Truly Rare. Up Next?

Number 3 - OPNTalk - DLA For Sunday 103011

NEW YORK Oct 27 (Reuters) - Companies and individuals that invest in Iran's energy sector would be barred from doing business with New York state and its counties, cities and towns under a bill proposed by the state Assembly speaker.

States, local governments and private institutions should do "everything possible" to keep Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, according to a draft copy of the bill proposed by Speaker Sheldon Silver, which cites Iran's "illicit nuclear activities" and work on "unconventional weapons."

Yes I'll TAKE IT! I know the guy is a Democrat. In this case, he is a SANE Democrat. I know nothing about this guy. But I do know that in this case, the guy is right on the money.

The proposed bill is modeled after a similar proposal in California. New York has in the past tackled international issues by threatening to sell stakes held by its pensions in public companies.

An investment in Iran's natural gas, oil or nuclear industries is defined broadly in the draft bill, as "a commitment or contribution of funds or property, a loan or other extension of credit and the entry into or renewal of a contract for goods and service."

Again, we do not need Iranian or any other's Oil or Natural Gas. If the Government would just get out of the way, we would be self sufficient. Just the Keystone Pipeline would supply 95 percent of all our Liquid Fuel needs. Natural Gas is exploding, pardon the pun, all over the Country. If we just got Government out of the way, we would need not worry about one DROP of our Energy Needs coming from the Middle East. Obama and Crew could allow and assist the Muslim Brotherhood completely take over the Middle East. All we would have to worry about is Nukes. Get the right people in power in 2012, work with our Allies, and we would not have to worry about that either. Just a side note here.
So lets not support those that HATE us? What a Concept....

And the Runner up? This next one is another one of those, you gotta read the whole story yourselves.

Number 2 - OPNTalk -DLA For Sunday 102311

Here is something that is all but hidden in the Mainstream Media. You do not get Stories like this one. You just don't. That's because it goes against the Liberal Agenda. All we ever hear is that the Tea Party, Republicans, Conservatives, anything NOT Liberal in general, are nothing more than Racist Hicks. So TRUE history and the TRUTH about Conservatism is always ignored. This is a GREAT Peace in the American Spectator. I guess they can SHARE this Award. I do not want to add anything to this. It was well written and our Winner this Week is someone that not only KNOWS the Truth, but has the courage to stand and speak it. Here it is.The American Spectator - Don't Know Much About History By Larry Thornberry on 10.20.11 @ 6:08AM
This guy puts to rest so many BS Liberal Stereotypes. He is a Black Christian Conservative, Tea Party Member, and one that is not afraid or ashamed to speak the TRUTH. But like I said before, you really have to read it for your self. You MAY be surprised.

OK folks. It's time to Award the Big One. The Winner of the Display of Logic for the YEAR of 2011. Who said this....

“You know the Bible says faith is believing in what is not seen. Today unfortunately, many in the media would like nothing better than to ridicule Christians,”

And this.

“They promote ‘The Da Vinci Code,’ they place doubt in the public’s mind that Christ was not risen, and they condemn the ‘Passion of Christ’ yet they sensationalize stories that call for the end of prayer in school and removing the name of God from our countries pledge. These are very sad times when we allow the minority to poison the minds of the majority.”

Nope. It was not one of our Founding Fathers. No. It was not some Great Historical Figure. Well, not yet anyway. But SHE will be.

I can hear some of you now. "PALIN!!! That Racist Bitch!" Nope. Not Palin. And I'll do one better for ya. She is Black. As a matter of Fact, she is a Black Republican. As a matter of Fact, she is a Tea Partier. {Laughing} OH? THIS should be FUN to Watch! Actually she IS a Historical figure NOW. She is the first Black Female Republican to be Elected to the Florida Legislature and Lieutenant Governor's Office. Speaking at the Faith and Freedom Coalition rally in Orlando, she went on.

“When it comes to our Christianity there is no gray area. It is either you believe or you don’t believe,” Carroll, also a distinguished Navy veteran, declared to a round of applause. “And if you believe, you believe with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your might.”

Encouraging the audience to trust in God for strength and perseverance like she had during her own trials, the Florida lieutenant governor sought to remind the public of God’s omniscience and his control throughout the “storms” of life.

“I firmly believe that the pathway to blessings is to not forsake God. Give Him what you have and let Him do with it what He can. If you want God to bless you, you must be faithful and obedient.”

She continued, “Our greatest blessings come out of our greatest trials. Ladies and gentlemen, Christianity is in a fight and it is one of the greatest trials we've seen in modern times.”

“I firmly believe that if we magnify God our problems will be minimized. Having true, unconditional faith in God and in his beloved son Jesus Christ we will survive the world’s wrongs and receive God’s greatest blessings.”

Way to go Florida Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll! You have got to check out the Video of this Speech HERE! It is only 6 or so minutes long, but it IS a GREAT Speech. Of course you have completely ignorant fools that have no clue what they are talking about interjecting their objections.

Winner- OPNTalk -DLA For Sunday 092511

Congratulations Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll! For KNOWING the Truth, and having the COURAGE to stand and speak it, you are the Winner of the Display of Logic Award for today, Sunday, September 25th, 2011. As a side note, you are also another example of just how HOT Conservative Republican Women are. {Smile} Keep up the good work.
Congratulations AGAIN. You are the Winner of the DLA for 2011. Oh, and AMEN!

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