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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tebowmania WILL Live On, "Big Talk" 850 Radio,

Preview for Sunday 011512

Hey folks,

Did you catch the game last night? The WORLD most likely did. It was said to be the Most Watched Game in NFL History. Including Super Bowls. Why? Tebowmania. Tim Tebow is a household name now. People LOVE him, or they absolutely HATE him. They Love him for what he does OFF the Field. They HATE him for various reasons. One of the main ones, and make no mistake about this, his OPEN display of Faith.

Some say he is over hyped. They will POUNCE on last night's game as evidence of this. New England Patriots slaughtered the Denver Broncos 45 to 10. Tom Brady threw six Touchdown Passes. Five in the first half of the Game. Some say this will silence all the Nationwide frenzy surrounding Tebow. I think not.

Look, it really is simple. Tebow's LAST Game was a Record setting, GREAT Game for the Broncos. It was Record Setting because it had stuff in there that is not NORMAL. It was a GREAT Game. This Game was a normal game. The Patriots are simply a BETTER Team. The Bronco's Defensive Team had no chance at stopping them. The Patriots Defensive Team DID stop Tebow from getting much of any momentum and the better Team last night WON.

However, Tebowmania is NOT going anywhere. They will attempt to destroy it using this Game against the Patriots, but because Tebow is who he is, and he couldn't care less about all the hype. He will continue to do what he does. He looks at this for what it is. You Win some, you Lose some. Next year is a new beginning. Meanwhile he will still be WHO he is. People will still love him or love to HATE him. He really doesn't care about all that. Nor should he. Congrats to the New England Patriots who will take on the Winner of the Baltimore and Houston Game next week for a spot in the Super Bowl.

Happy Sunday to ya. Glad you stopped by. I AM of course your Provocateur of Thought himself, Peter Carlock, and this IS the OPNTalk Blog, Big Sunday Edition. If you want to be a Part of the OPNTalk Blog, the Email, as always, is We have a lot to talk about today, so lets get going. Coming right up?

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All that in just a few minutes. First I want to talk about THIS. You all know I love 850 WFTL Radio. From the BEST Morning News Show, the BEST Morning Talk Show, The Conversation with Rich Stevens and News Dude Dave McBride, to the total day of Programs. The Joyce Kauffman Show Noon to 3pm, {I know, I know, there's this other little Radio Show on at the same time, but TRUST me. Give her a Week, you will be hooked} but that's all I'm going to say.

Why? Because they are making some changes over at 850 WFTL. BIG Changes. They are now "Big Talk" 850 Radio. A New Host will be hitting the Air Waves, I hope this Monday. No not me. I would in a Heartbeat, but no. {Smile} I'm not telling you his name, you'll have to tune in to check it out. Their Goal is simple. Local Hosts from Sun up to Sun down. People that LIVE right here in Sunny South Florida. Not someone in a Studio on the other side of the Country, but Hosts that LIVE right here. That Drive our Roads, Shop in our Stores, go where WE go. Something happens HERE, it effects THEM here. They will have a better connection with YOU. I love the Concept.

However, YOU do not HAVE to live here in Sunny South Florida to enjoy one of the Best Lineups and THE Best Morning Talk Show on the Air today. You can always Listen Live, Enjoy Pod Casts, Blogs, ETC, by going to the Website "Big Talk" 850 WFTL.

Trust me folks. If you want to be truly Entertained, enjoy GREAT Radio, and actually PARTICIPATE, check them out. Big Talk 850 Radio is there for YOU. You will NOT be disappointed. Trust me. And uh, who knows, you may even hear ME on the Radio having a "Conversation" with the Guys from time to time. {Smile} Going to fill my cup, be right back.

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