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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Debate Was Absurd / Paul Second in Poll?

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Hey folks,

Did you catch the Debate? Seriously. The Moderator, ABC News Commentator George Stephanopoulos was Absurd. Patently Absurd. He just kept shooting off pointed Questions with out any evidence, Sources, NOTHING. Stephanopoulos did not cite any analysts by name, nor did he say WHY he was asking. As a matter of fact, he asked all kinds of Stereotypical and FALSE Premise Questions.

I'll tell ya folks, he might as well have been in the DNC Chair last night. He ATTACKED Ron Paul for Letters from 20 years ago that he did not even Write. When was the last time he asked Obama about 20 years with Rev Wright? Hmm? It really was a Joke.

Welcome to the Big Sunday Edition of the OPNTalk Blog. First one of 2012. Of course you know what that means, the Display of Logic Award and the Idiot of the Year for 2011 are coming right up. Also coming right up today....

Iran, Israel, Britain, US, War Games?
Told You "Occupy" Was A SCAM
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DLA Of The Year 2011
Idiot of the Year for 2011

All that in just a second. Here is one for you Ron Paul Fans. How do you think He will do in New Hampshire. Did you catch the Latest Poll. A survey by WMUR-TV/University of New Hampshire put Romney at 44%, followed by? You guested it. Ron Paul at 20%. The Rest of the field? Santorum and Gingrich tied for third at 8%, followed by Huntsman at 7%. I have no idea why Huntsman is still in this thing. But hey he has money to throw away.

I think I'm done with the Debates thing. There is another in just a bit later this morning. But I think I'll be turning my attention to the Primaries and make my Decision on who to back closer to the Election.

OK. Fair warning folks. I'm operating on 24 hours no sleep. So thing outta be a fun day. Going to fill my, like 20th cup of much needed Coffee. Be right back. And they are BIG cups too. {Laughing} You have know Idea....

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