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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Energy Means Revenue

Look at Canada. So much revenue that Canadians get free money.

Hey folks,

Our National Debt is what? We are spending what? We are throwing away how much money on what? Truth is, with any business and or individual, more regulations, taxes, and interference, means less revenue. It just does.

If I'm making 10 Billion a Quarter, and someone says, I'm going to tak,,,wait a second. Did you see Apple's numbers? Seriously? Over a hundred million IPhones sold at $500.00 a pop? something like 25 million IPads? At what a pop? How much "Windfall Profit" is Apple making and why is there no outrage over this? {Sigh} I know, I know. Anyway, where was I, oh yeah, I make 10 Billion in a Quarter and someone says to me, "That's too much. You do not deserve it. We are going to take everything over, say 5 Billion. And look at all the good that will do." You will never see it. I will do whatever I have to do, to keep my profit margin under that 5 Bil..

If you Tax me? I will raise my Prices for my Customers and will find Legal Loopholes to hide my money. If I have to, I'll take my Business elsewhere where I do not have to worry about all that. Fact is, higher Taxes and Oppressive Regulations mean LESS revenue. Not more.

Now we have talked about American Security and Jobs. Now lets talk about new and nearly guaranteed Revenue. I'm not talking peanuts here. I am talking Hundreds of Billions, if not a Trillion Dollars a year. Increased Revenue for EVERY Local, State, and Federal Governments. Look at Canada. So much revenue that Canadians get free money. Every year they get a check for Thousands of dollars, plus, whatever they may get in tax refunds. How would YOU like to get free money for no other reason than the Government made too much money dealing with our own Energy resources? This is not a Dream. It could be a Reality.

Think about that Reality. No more worries about $4.00 a gallon Gas. No more wondering how Grandma will heat her home. No more concerns over what is happening in the Middle East. Nope. None. Not when talking Energy at least.

Folks, JUST the Keystone Pipeline could give us the Reality of 92 percent of all our Liquid Fuel being drawn from our own resources, and our friends in the North. Couple that with the Shale Energy revolution, and possible new Drilling? We are now talking revenue in the Trillions. Jobs in the Millions. American Security fortified due to the fact ONE HUNDRED PERCENT self producing and usage of Energy. We can get there.

I will ask again. What do you call a person that rejects Hundreds of Billions into the Trillions of Dollars in NEW Revenue in an Economy where we have seen our debt rise to uncontrollable levels? What do you call a person that CAUSES hundreds of Thousands of Job Losses in a Country with record high Unemployment? With Tens Of Thousand of new Unemployed, meaning no paycheck, meaning they can no longer pay Mortgages, meaning even more Home Foreclosures. What do you call a person that increases Energy Cost for every Man, Woman, and Child in this Country? As we already know, increased Energy Costs MEAN Increased EVERYTHING Costs.

More importantly, what do you call a person that does all these things, on purpose?!? Intentionally?!? With a Plan? Somehow ignorant, and or Stupid, just doesn't cover it. We have such a person in this Country that has done all these things, and continues to do all these things, his name is Barack Obama. President Barack Obama.

I really do not get it. Someone came to me and said, you know Pete, we know that you are looking at losing your House. We know you are in Debt beyond your ability to pay, and we want to help you. All you have to do is allow us to operate in your back yard. We will come in, give you free money, make sure you no longer have to rely on anyone else to meet your needs in area Y. Oh, did we mention that on top of all that, we will give you what you need and already pay too much for? When we leave, you will not even know we were there. It would be a no brainer for me. I would not be saying NO. I would be saying Welcome. Do your thing.

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