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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Perhaps Obama Doesn't, But The Next May

Once the door is open, anyone can enter through it.

Hey folks,

I wanted to elaborate a bit more on what we were talking about yesterday. I posted this.. OPNTalk - Obama Gestapo Now A Legal Reality I pondered why there is no outrage over this. I said this,,,,

Before you start making excuses such as "It was Congress not Obama that put that in there" or "He didn't know." or "He was Tricked" Or whatever, HE DEMANDED that the language EXCLUDING American Citizens BE EXCLUDED. In other words, he DEMANDED that this new Power INCLUDE American Citizens. So now, just like China, Cuba, Venezuela, or the Good Old USSR. If the Government deems you a threat, they will come and get you, throw you in Prison for LIFE without having to answer to ANYONE. If you disagree with this President, you could be arrested and charged with NOTHING. No Lawyer No defense. Just thrown in Prison. The Obama Gestapo is NOW a LEGAL Reality. George W. never even came close to what Obama just did. Where IS the outrage? Where is the Media? Where are the Liberals? Where are the Protests in the Streets?Because it's Obama it's OK? Seriously? NOTHING?
Many people that I have been talking to never heard of this either. That's because there is NO News on this. No Mainstream Media is reporting this. So if people do not see this in the NYTs, or on their 5 pm News, they have no clue what is going on. However, even when told, some still do not see this as a problem. So lets try it this way.

Remember what happened when Bush opened the door FOR Obama and this Past Congress? He did. It was Bush who gave out the first nearly Trillion Dollars in "Stimulus." You know, Bank Bailouts. He increased the National Debt by a Trillion. Still doable, however, HE opened the door. Obama and Congress THEN Spent MORE than the ENTIRE Country has Spent, since it's FOUNDING all together, in 1000 days. Bush did not do that. But he opened the door. Once the door is open, anyone can enter through it.

So Obama signs into Law, the Authority to send the Military to YOUR House and throw you in Prison for ANY REASON whatsoever. All they have to do is deem you an Enemy of the State. A Threat to America. A Terrorist or deem you engaged in Terristic Activities.

Now lets say Obama is Thrown out of Office on his ear at the end of this year. A New President enters. A New Congress reconvenes. Now lets say they are all lead by an EXTREME Religious Conviction. President Bachmann {Who quit yesterday by the way, just as an example} decides that we need to get serious about the Moral Decline in this Country. She decides that Liberalism is not just a Dangerous Belief that HAS indeed caused the Mess we are in, but that ANY Liberal out there, is now a THREAT to this Utopia that she wants to Create.

So the President comes out and says that there is only ONE God, ONE Religion. That ALL in this Country WILL worship at the Foot of the Cross and WILL accept Christianity. If you do not, then YOU are a Terrorist. YOU are now an Enemy of the State. You are attempting to disrupt the Country and you are now engaged, by speaking out, in Terroristic Activities. So she goes to the Leader of the Senate, Pat Robinson, and tells him that she has decided to get Serious about this. He calls the Speaker of the House, John Hagee, and they all agree. Obama signed into Law the Authorization to use the Military, even AGAINST US Citizens, to detain them for any reason whatsoever, SO? There is a knock on your door.

I know this sounds like a Novel or a TV show. Or perhaps I am talking about Iran and the Islamofascists. Convert or DIE. Speak out in Cuba. Speak out in China. Be a speaker of mind in Venezuela. This is the type of thing that is done in Third World Countries. Not here. Not in the Land of the Free. We have this little Piece of Paper that is called THE CONSTITUTION that LIMITS the Powers of Government. It gives us FREEDOM. Problem is, we have a Regime in Power that ignores it. Problem also is, we have NO ONE challenging them on it. We have a Media that is Silent. A Populace that is Complacent to remain Ignorant.

So to all my Liberal Friends out there, and to all my Obabaites out there, just remember this little fact. Once the door is open, anyone can enter through it. This MUST be closed. This MUST be reversed. Obama or not, it is WAY TOO MUCH POWER and AUTHORITY for ANY Administration to have. It just IS.

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