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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Big Talk 850 WFTL

I officially love this Radio Station..

Hey folks,

You all know that I am a Radio Talk Junkie. Use to be I did some flipping around the Dial, listening to this or that Show. Then one faithful morning I tuned into 850 WFTL, and found The Conversation with Rich Stevens and Dave McBride. The greatest morning Show on the Air Today. I think I mentioned them once of twice, and you may have even heard me on the Show, once or twice..{Smile}

Well, this got my attention. I love Dave's News Casts, and found he also does the EARLY AM Show. All news with a flare of Entertainment. So I tuned in even earlier. But like many, I turned the Dial at 12 pm for another little Radio Show that goes on at this time. But one day, and I'll be honest, a fill in Host was, well, filling in. So I stayed on 850 and listened to The Joyce Kaufman Show Folks, I'm telling you, if you give Joyce say a week? You will be hooked.

Well, something has been happening over at 850 Radio. They are changing and growing, 50,000 watts of Power, new Building, new concept, new name. They are now "Big Talk 850". Live, Local, and fun. The goal is to BE local. You see all the Hosts from Sun up to Sun Down live right here in Sunny South Florida. This means, if YOU live here, what effects you, effects THEM. They are in it with ya. Isn't that much better than someone sitting in an Office on the other side of the Country attempting to tell you what the Traffic is like. Or what upcoming local events are. Or whatever? Seriously. If you call up, they can relate because they are in it too. Great Concept.

Well, now I do not even have a reason to switch the Dial at 3pm. Nope. They they now have a NEW Host at 3pm. Paul Barsky, who does the "Barsky Show." Now this is a Brand New Show. It just started Wednesday. They do not even have a picture of him on the Website, nor any information yet. But I'll tell you what, I checked out the Show Friday, and I will admit, I haven't laughed so hard as I did Friday, for a while. It was fresh, entertaining, and just plain fun.

Look, if you truly want to be entertained, you just need to check out the new Big Talk 850. It really is that simple. No need to change the dial. Especially if you live here in Sunny South Florida. These are not Show that are hard core, down the line, Political Shows. They are REAL Entertainment. There is something for everyone. Don't worry though, you will never find anyone more passionate about saving America than Joyce Kaufman. Trust me, check them out. If you do not live here in Sunny South Florida? That's OK too. Check out the Website, and click on Listen Live. You will not be disappointed. When you do, be ready to call 877-850-8585, and join in the Conversation. Tell them where you are calling from, where you heard about them as well, {Smile}and have fun. Don't forget to check out the Brand New "Barsky Show" and be prepared to laugh..

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