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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Energy Means JOBS

How many Billions have we thrown away?

Hey folks,

When you look at this, you have to see the Reality of the situation. This Administration is doing the exact opposite of what needs to be done to create Jobs. Remember our friend Paul Driessen? This is from his Post OPNTalk- American energy can jump-start US recovery Paul Driessen

Even businesses on the leading edge of the “green revolution,” crony capitalism and lobbying for dollars are faring poorly. After lapping up $1.5 billion in government red-ink subsidies and loan guarantees, three US solar companies filed for bankruptcy and fired over 2,000 workers. And still the Energy Department shoveled more billions of tax dollars into more wind and solar projects, despite voter objections. DOE also sponsored programs that cost $20 million to create 14 jobs and weatherize four Seattle houses in a year. It spent $80 billion to create 225,000 “clean energy” jobs – at $356,000 apiece. It shells out $6 billion a year to grow corn on an area bigger than Indiana, and convert it into ethanol that gets a third less mileage per gallon than gasoline.
There is now a Battery Company going bye-bye. This means even more Jobs lost. More money wasted. How many Billions have we thrown away? Green Company after Green Company going Bankrupt and out of Business. Taking with them JOBS. I love this. "DOE also sponsored programs that cost $20 million to create 14 jobs and weatherize four Seattle houses in a year." {Laughing} If it were not so serious, that would be funny. "$80 billion to create 225,000 “clean energy” jobs – at $356,000 apiece." That most of end up going bye-bye themselves. How would you like to make $356,000?

Now Obama is spending Money that should be paying off the Debt. For failed Policies and Agendas. He is adding to it. Truth is, if we were not giving these Green Companies Hundreds of Billions, they would all be gone. Most anyway.

Obama is also killing Jobs by his outward and open attacks on anything Natural. Coal, Oil, and Natural Gas. Hundreds of Thousands of real, well paid, Benefit giving, American Jobs. Hundreds of Thousands of Oil Jobs gone via Moratorium. More with the de-facto Moratorium. He just said NO to the Keystone Pipeline that would create Tens of Thousands of jobs, nearly overnight. NO to new Exploration and Drilling that would create Hundreds of Thousands of Jobs. NO to Coal. Costing Thousands of more Jobs lost. He is openly seeking to stop Shale Energy Production by attempting to stop Hydraulic Fracturing. If successful, more Thousands of Jobs will be lost yet again.

In contrast to the "Green Energy Industry?"

The petroleum industry alone currently supports some 9.2 million jobs, but could do much more. Recent studies by Wood McKenzie, ICF International and other analysts conclude that opening currently off-limits onshore and offshore areas could generate an additional $800 billion in government revenues and another 1.4 million jobs, by 2030. That includes primary jobs for roughnecks on rigs; secondary jobs in steel making, construction, pipelines, refineries, transportation and other sectors; and indirect jobs in hotel, restaurant, retail and other sectors that benefit from the increased energy, payrolls and economic activity. We could do likewise with coal, nuclear and hydroelectric projects.
But this Administration seems little interested in actually creating Jobs. They seem more bent on furthering agendas. Playing Politics.

Don't be fooled by Obama coming out and saying he was going to auction off Leases. He does not care about new Oil. He is just attempting to get Votes. He says he will do this, yet there are so many strings attached that it will not be worth it for anyone to do it. Not to mention, if there is no Oil? It's like this. Someone tells you that you can go dig for Gold in Area A. So you buy that right. You go and scan the area, you find little to nothing. However, all indications are that Area B does contain Gold. So you go back and they say, "Sorry. We gave you a lease for Area A, So unless you spend a few Million on the Lease you already have, we will not give you one for B." Ask yourself, would you throw that money away KNOWING that there is no Gold? Or at least not enough to make up the cost of going to get it? Of course not. That is what the Government is doing. They KNOW that there is no Oil in these areas, or the Companies WOULD be Drilling as we speak.

No folks, Energy really does equal Jobs. The right Energy equals Hundreds of Thousands of real, well paid, Benefit giving, American Jobs. Not shells. Not phony. Not show. Not Temp. Real, well paid, Benefit giving, American Jobs.

We have record high Unemployment. If you are not working, you are not buying a new Home. You are not buying that new Car. You are not buying that new Monster Big Screen TV. If you are not working, you are not generating and injecting revenue into the Economy. More Jobs lost means more damage to an already hurting Economy.

All we ever hear is how brilliant Obama is. Then let me ask you this. If this is true, then he is doing all this on purpose. Right? If not, he is the most ignorant President we have ever had. I'm not sure if the real reason matters. The end result is the same. When one does not use the answer that is so crystal clear for everyone else to see, one would have to ask themselves, why? Would one not?

Be right back with Part 3.

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