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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Energy Means American Security

I'm going to attack you. I know you can beat me. I take your Ammo.

Hey folks

Lets try it this way, shall we? I do not like you. I have something you need. I do like your money. I sell you what you need, and I charge you whatever I choose to. You pay it. You do not have a choice. I have it. You need it.

So this relationship goes on for a while. Then I say, you know what? If you wish to keep getting what I have, you better start doing this. You say no. OK. You are cut off. You say? What?

So I decide that this is not good enough. I decide to teach you a lesson. I'm going to attack you. I know you can beat me. I know you have a lot of Guns. But I'm the one that has the Ammo you need for those guns. So? I take your Ammo. Kinda hard to fight back if your guns are empty.

This is how we have been operating in the World. The World runs on Oil. Right, Wrong, or Indifferent, that is just a fact. We need Oil for our daily lives, our Economy, and to heat our homes. Why do you think that the Oil Sanctions are place on Iran. To disrupt their daily lives, and to attempt to get them to do something we want them to do. It's effective to a degree.

However, Iran has others helping them out. Russia and China are two that are helping them. There are a few others. But lets say the UN decides that we have to start doing something, or that what we are doing is against their Will. Imagine if Countries put and Oil Sanction on us.

Now picture someone like Iran wishing to attack us. All they have to do is stop our supply of Oil. Not only do we need Oil to drive our Cars, Heat our Homes, and supply Power to all, we need it for our Machines of War as well. Like taking Ammo from Guns, a Tank or a Jet is nothing without Oil.

So for years we have foolishly relied on the good will of those that do not like us to begin with. For years, for solely Political reasons, we have ignored our own resources. Now, as the World grows more and more dangerous, we are decreasing our own production and increasing our dependence on these outside entities. We have to be concerned with what is going on all over the World. We have to intervene in some cases, for no other reason, than we need the supply of Oil to continue to flow.

If we have started Drilling when President Bush said we would, we would long since started seeing the benefits of it. If we did not place a moratorium on ALL Drilling based on a freak accident, or whatever, we would not have seen some on the negative effects we have now by not doing anything. If Obama would just say Yes to the Keystone Pipeline, we could have up to 90 percent of our Liquid Energy from right here, and from our friends in the North.

If we were using our own resources, we would have the luxury of picking and choosing what battles to fight outside our own Boarders. We would not have to listen to those that do not like us. We would not have to worry if we could defend ourselves if needed.

Sometimes when talking about American Security, you must realize that this does not always mean flying Planes into Buildings. It could be as simple as blocking our Supply of Oil. Rising the prices to levels that hurt our Economy. Or just saying NO to us.

What would you call someone who chooses not to fix National Security, costing America zero, and increasing Jobs, and Revenue along the way? Think about that..Be right back.

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