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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Still NO Deal, Two Days Left

Reid even Filibustering his own Plan.

That is where we stand right now. There was suppose to be a Vote on the Reid Version at 1am. That has been postponed. Lets see, First the House passes Speaker Boehner's Thrid Version of his Plan. Much to the chagrin of Tea Party Republicans, and Conservatives alike. More on that in a second. Then, it goes to the Senate where it is dead on arrival. Reid comes up with a Plan, then Filibusters his own Plan because the Republicans will not agree to a simple Majority Vote. Scheduled for 1 am last night, while the House Kills Reid's Plan before the Vote. Now, 1 am comes and goes, and what do we have? Nothing. No Vote. Two days left until the fictitious deadline.

Happy Sunday to ya. {Smile} Welcome to the Big Sunday Edition of the OPNTalk Blog, I am of course, your Provocateur of thought himself, Peter Carlock. Coming right up today?

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All that coming right up. First I want to share this. Speaker Boehner and the rest of the GOP Leadership REALLY need to be careful here. We do NOT WANT COMPROMISE. We WANT Spending cuts. REAL Spending cuts. We want a smaller Government. We want the Liberal Agenda STOPPED. It is NOT enough for you to simply have an R after your name, or be able to Talk the Talk. YOU had better be willing to Walk the Walk. When the Speaker came out with his Plan 3.0, some were not shy in telling him what they think of it. Here is just one of their latest Press Releases.


"Low-T, limp-noodle" plan

Top Tea Party Voices available for Talk Shows

WASHINGTON, DC (MMD Newswire) July 29, 2011 - - Even as House Speaker John Boehner bowed this morning to Tea Party pressure for a balanced budget amendment (BBA), the movement blasted a new version of his bill to raise the national debt ceiling by $900 billion, yet cut just $20 billion in 2012.

"Boehner's low-T, limp-noodle response to government borrowing at over 40 cents per dollar is simply unacceptable at this moment in history for which so many have waited," said Tom Trento, National Security Chairman for the Tea Party National Convention and a director of the Tea Party Founding Fathers. "The first House bill sent to the Senate requires a BBA to raise the debt limit, Boehner's latest concedes $900 billion in credit before the BBA condition kicks in, and neither bill cuts more than about $20 billion in 2012 - just five days worth of federal borrowing!"

Meanwhile, Jenny Beth Martin and Mark Meckler, co-founders of Tea Party Patriots, said of the Boehner legislation, "The 'cuts' proposed now are not real; they are phantom cuts to take place in the future.... We simply will not accept their lazy, fiscally irresponsible approach."

Trento said, "Look, Obama and Reid have pledged to kill even these wimpy bills, so why won't House Republicans act like the Spartans in the movie '300' and take a courageous stand for legislation that actually fixes our deficit numbers right now? Why wait years for a BBA to get ratified without serious and significant cuts today?"

Trento, also president of The United West, a Tea Party-tied group which sees the national debt as a national security threat, unveiled a single-issue 2012 Congressional Scorecard on the debt limit earlier this week. He said, "There are 241 House Republicans and 47 Senate Republicans who, with a few sane Democrats, exceed the 300 Spartans whom Leonidas led to defeat the Persians at Thermopylae and save Western Civilization. Today, certain Persians leading Iran are still menacing the West with nuclear threats. It's imperative that our lawmakers start cutting our debt for the sake of U.S. and Western security. We can't defend liberty while sinking in red ink."

Trento said, "Republicans in the Senate, usually one big RINO preserve, have been much bolder than Boehner. Rand Paul (R-KY) has called for $500 billion in cuts, one seventh of our bloated U.S. budget. Tom Coburn (R-OK) says $300 billion is a lay-up. Marco Rubio seems hot to go after all the incredible waste, overlap, and outrages in D.C. Yet all those tough-talkers among House Republicans will only back $20 billion in 2012 cuts? Boehner and his so-called 'young guns' keep firing blanks. In exchange for any debt bump, Tea Partiers and other patriots are expecting giant price tags like $500 billion in 2012 cuts, real reform of all health care entitlements such as Medicare and Medicaid, and the defunding of Planned Parenthood and the gutting of Obamacare as called for by Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN)."

Yesterday, Trento warned four "GOP Stupaks" for defecting from recent vows not to raise the debt limit without prior Congressional passage of the "Cut, Cap and Balance" BBA out to the states for ratification. The four Republican freshman pledge-breakers were Reps. James Lankford (OK), Allen West (FL), Mike Kelly (PA), and Bill Flores (TX), but Trento said because enough members held firm for the BBA, the defection"may not go down on their permanent record. It's like the difference between juvenile offenses and adult criminality."

The term "Stupak" refers to former U.S. Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI), who famously betrayed conservatives last year to ensure final passage of Obamacare, the president's health bill, after vowing differently. Stupak ended his House career in 2010. Last night, said Trento, Boehner "couldn't find enough Stupaks to betray the BBA, and we applaud all House Republicans who held the line and maintained their integrity." Trento posted an "Integrity Alert" Thursday about the frosh BBA defectors and says the Tea Party hit hundreds of thousands of cell phones with text messages naming the vow-breaking Congressmen.

Condemning any "debt ceiling giveaway," the Congressional scorecard is viewable at -- and it's not nice to lawmakers willing to trade their pro-debt votes cheaply. The Tea Party scorecard also mocks Obama's August 2 deadline for debt ceiling action as "phony," arguing that tax revenues are ten times what's required to make interest payments to U.S. bondholders.
It's really NOT difficult to understand folks. CUT spending. If Government would get serious about just cutting Waste. We could save Trillions just on that, and redundant Programs that really have nothing to do with National Interests. But if they just defund Obamacare, there is a Trillion we could save right from the get go.

It really is a simple concept to understand. Speaker Boehner, Senator McConnell, and the rest of the Republican Leadership, DO THE RIGHT THING, you will have the American People behind you. Do the WRONG thing, or continue to play Politics as usual, and you WILL face opposition in the Primaries at the next possible opportunity. It really is, just that simple.

Be right back.

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