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Sunday, July 03, 2011

Why I Do Not Believe In The Death Penalty, Part Two

The Death Penalty according to MAN.

Hey folks,

OK we're back. So we just talked about how and why the Death Penalty was formed and that it was formed by God himself. As was the Jury System. We as mankind, have taken this and interpreted it, translated it if you will, into a form of system WE think is best.

Why 12 Jurors in most Criminal Cases? The reason for 12 originated in England and was an imitation of the 12 Apostles. The number 12 was thought to be Divinely inspired. Since we were founded on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we continued this tradition here. It was also though to ensure a large enough cross section of Society on a Jury to truly be one of one's Peers. Some areas have changed this. Some six, some more. But the General Rule is 12.

Remember, God's concept is not by the Mouth of ONE Witness, but more than one person had to ACTUALLY SEE someone Murder someone before that person could be put to death. Not any other method. MORE than ONE Person had to actually SEE it happen.

Now in today's world, if a person walked into a School, ON CAMERAS, and Shot and Killed someone. You have the Video, and Witnesses, I would have little issue with them being put to Death. HOWEVER, We also have see that Videos, Photos, and the like can be altered. We know that People can Lie. We know that, sad as it is, it is no longer about Right and Wrong, but who can tell the better story in Court.

I've told you this story before. I had a conversation with a Town Justice Friend of mine, back in the late 80s. He said the same thing. Then he said "If you can't Dazzle them with Pizazz, Baffle them with Bulls----."

We have seen some high profile Murder Cases take "Interesting turns?" OJ, Robert Blake, and NOW we have the Casey Anthony Trial. This one is interesting, No PROOF of Murder. No Weapon. No time. No Proof of who was even WITH her at the time of her Death. NOTHING. Yet, most people you talk to will tell you she is GUILTY and should be put to Death for the Murder of her Daughter. Really? This ENTIRE Case is Circumstantial. There is not a SHRED of ACTUAL evidence that can point to her Guilt. Yet it goes on. What is it like day 40?

Did OJ do it? Maybe? Did Blake do it? Maybe? Did Anthony do it? Maybe NOT? Yet we have TV Cameras, Radio Stations, the Public, Lawyers trying to be Actors, a Judge that may think he is playing a part on Law and Order. In the Middle of the whole Circus is a lost Little Girl and a Mother, who's Life hangs in the Balance.

I'll tell you, listening to this case on a Local Radio Station the other day, I actually heard the Judge, give a Lengthy Answer in a request to Acquit, over Circumstantial Evidence. He sited Case after Case where it was permissible. I remember a time when NONE of it would have been. Either you have Proof of Guilt, or you don't. No implications, or possibles. Actual PROOF.

So when we come back with Part THREE, Yes, Part THREE, I will post one of the main reasons I do not believe in OUR version of the Death Penalty. DNA. My Friend Tony Shin posted a GREAT Infographic on this subject. Be right back.

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