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Friday, July 22, 2011

230,000 American Jobs, $12 Billion in Tax, By End of 2012

All that has to happen is, Government, get out of the way.

Hey folks,

Happy Friday to ya. As I keep telling you, and our Republicans in the House, the FREE MARKET, the AMERICAN PEOPLE, can and WILL fix the Economic mess that Government put us in. All that has to happen is, Government, get out of the way.

Like with most things, the TRUTH is easy to see, even if you'd rather not, or you CHOOSE not to accept it. None of that changes what the TRUTH is. It is right there. It is fully visible. Right there in front of our face. Truth is often SIMPLE to understand. Even if at times hard to accept. WE, in the false attempt to make it into something it may not be, WE complicate the simple.

There is a new Study out that PROVES that if we would only let the Free Market, BE FREE, they can and will fix this Economy, JUST by the Free Market BEING what it is. This new report shows, that while THOUSANDS of people get pink slips today in Florida, with Obama shutting down the Space Shuttle Program, just one Industry could Create 230,000 American Jobs, $12 Billion in Tax, all by the end of 2012.

This news is so good, even some in the Mainstream Media are starting to report this. According to CBS News - Researchers: Gulf drilling could add 230,000 jobs

(AP) NEW YORK — An energy research group predicted that an increase in drilling activity in the Gulf of Mexico could create 230,000 jobs and add $44 billion to the economy next year.

IHS on Thursday said that the U.S. would produce more jobs, more tax revenue and another 411,000 barrels of oil per day if the industry was allowed to operate at full speed in the Gulf. The government essentially shut down offshore drilling for several months last year after BP's massive oil spill while it put new safety regulations in place.

In February, regulators started granting drilling permits again for deepwater wells, but at a slower pace than before the spill. They say stricter guidelines now in place for permits help ensure that drillers operate safely.
It's called a De facto Moratorium. Obama WANTS Higher Gas Prices. He thinks that it will help him further his agendas. It was Obama who has cost us THOUSANDS of Jobs WITH the Drilling Ban to begin with. Others are still Drilling, and we are PAYING some of them to Drill. But WE, and American Jobs, are caught up in Red Tape. Of course,

A government spokeswoman wouldn't comment about the IHS report.
This report was not done to attack anyone nor even the reasons this is happening.

“There is a need to better align the new regulatory environment with industry capacity, as the current pace of plan and permit approval is congested,” said Jim Burkhard, IHS CERA's managing director for global oil, who co-authored the report.

IHS CERA Chairman Daniel Yergin said in a conference call the study doesn't try to answer why the pace of permitting has slowed or how it should be fixed. Rather, it simply identifies the problem and the missed economic opportunities.
These are just the facts. No political Spin. No rhetoric. Just the FACTS. Just the TRUTH. Government is not the answer to all our woes. It is a hindrance to our progress. To recap a bit. According to this Study:

230,000 American jobs.
More than $44 Billion in US gross domestic product.
Nearly $12 Billion in tax and Royalty Revenues for state and Federal Treasuries.
$15 Million reduction in the amount the US sends to Foreign Governments.

All that by the end of 2012. Not ten years out. Not MAYBE. Not possibly. It WILL, by the end of NEXT Year. What is Obama's Plan? To increase American Security? For Jobs? To lower the Cost of Energy? To help America prosper? What is HIS plan? Yeah, if you figure it out let me know.

Government has it's role. The Constitution lays it out for us. No doubt about it. But it is NOT Government's role to protect us from Progress. It is not Government's role to look out for our "best interests." It is not Government's role to redistribute wealth, control the Freedoms we have, and take care of our daily needs. It just isn't. It is not the catalyst of progress, it is the hindrance of muck.

I want you to think about this. From Day 1, whatever you think Day 1 is, until 1900, we got around on Horses. We used Fire for light and to heat our homes. We were a simple people that were trying to make a better life. From 1900 until now, in just 111 years, we went from Horse and Carriage and Fire to Laser Beams and Space Travel. In just over a hundred years folks. Imagine what we could accomplish NOW. Imagine where we could go from here. If Government would just get out of the way.

Remember folks, no Big Sunday Edition this Week. My boy Joshua's Big Birthday Bash. Have a GREAT Weekend. I'll see you soon.

MY SA - Study finds Gulf permit backlog costs jobs, tax revenue Industry study says 230,000 jobs could be created next year.
CBS News - Researchers: Gulf drilling could add 230,000 jobs

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