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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Obama Contemplating Playing Dictator While The World Grows More Dangerous

I have been warning you about this one.

Hey folks,

First, since the GOP refuse, per the American People, refuse to increase Taxes to cover Obama and Crew's out of control spending, Obama is contemplating becoming a full fledged Dictator, and just doing whatever he wants. To hell with the American way, and the Constitution. This is not the first time he has openly Dreamed of being a Dictator. According to ABC Political Punch - Obama tempted to go it alone--if only he could. By ABC News' Jon Garcia and Jake Tapper.

What do the deficit negotiations and immigration reform have in common? President Obama says thinks he’d have a much easier time getting what he wants if only he could do it all himself.

“Believe me, the idea of doing things on my own is very tempting. I promise you not just on immigration reform. But that's not how our system works,”
The 14th Amendment does NOT give him the Authority to Raise the Debt Ceiling by himself, contrary to what they are trying to get you to believe. Congress can GIVE him that Authority, but that is a dangerous proposition. This Idiot does not need to be given any more power. He needs to be thrown out of Office.

Meanwhile in the World, the World becomes a more dangerous place. First, while all these Political games and BS are playing out, and Obama still refuses to get out of the way of us using our own resources for our Energy Needs, The UK Guardian reports this: Iran revolutionary guards' commander set to become president of Opec

Rostam Ghasemi, who is blacklisted by western powers, could have major role in determining global oil price.

A senior commander of Iran's revolutionary guards, who is subject to comprehensive international sanctions, has been nominated as the country's oil minister, a position that currently includes the presidency of Opec.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian president, sent a list of four ministers, including Rostam Ghasemi, commander of the revolutionary guards' Khatam al-Anbia military and industrial base, to the parliament for approval, the semi-official Fars news agency reported.

Should the parliament confirm Ghasemi's nomination next week, the commander, who is targeted by US, EU and Australian sanctions, will be automatically appointed as head of Opec, giving the revolutionary guards access to an influential international platform.
You think things are bad NOW? Imagine Iran controlling our Energy Needs and WORLD Supply? Iran? You know, the Country ran by Little Hitler himself? The Country that WANTS Israel wiped off the map. Calls for the Death of America. Has come ever so close to creating a Nuclear Weapon. Who has just proven that they have the Rockets needed to CARRY a Nuclear Weapon to Israel, and American Interests. Who is about to join the Space Race, while Obama shut ours down. Yup THAT Iran. But wait. It gets BETTER. According to the Washington Times: Classified report: Russia tied to blast at U.S. embassy

U.S. intelligence agencies concluded in a classified report late last year that Russia’s military intelligence was responsible for a bomb blast that occurred at an exterior wall of the U.S. Embassy in Tbilisi, Georgia, in September.

The highly classified report about the Sept. 22 incident was described to The Washington Times by two U.S. officials who have read it. They said the report supports the findings of the Georgian Interior Ministry, which traced the bombing to a Russian military intelligence officer.

The Times reported last week that Shota Utiashvili, director of information and analysis for the Georgian Interior Ministry, said the embassy blast and others in his country were the work of a Russian military intelligence officer named Maj. Yevgeny Borisov.
What? Russia? Our FRIENDS? What's this. It must be a mistake? Right? But that's not all. Also according to FP - Russia threatens to wreck the reset

Russia has threatened the Obama administration that it will end cooperation on Iran and prevent the transfer of material to Afghanistan if Congress passes a law criticizing Russian human rights practices.
And? According to Fox News - Russia Plans to Sink the International Space Station in 2020

Russia's space agency announced Wednesday that the International Space Station -- a space base the world's scientists and billions of U.S. tax dollars helped build and maintain some 200 miles above the surface of the Earth -- will be de-orbited and allowed to sink into the Pacific Ocean in 2020, just like its Russian predecessor, Mir.

"We will be forced to sink the ISS. We cannot leave it in orbit as it is a very complicated and a heavy object," Roscosmos' deputy head Vitaly Davydov said in an interview posted on the agency's website.
Why not? We can't really stop them. Hell, we have to RELY on them to GET there. Thank You Obama. Here is something else you need to keep an eye on. No. I will for ya. I have been warning you about this one. I told you that Putin wasn't going anywhere. I have been telling you HE is in charge of the Country. I have told you he WANTS the old USSR back. Now according to Reuters - RPT-Russia's Putin considering Kremlin return-sources

* Three sources say Putin considering return to presidency

* Putin has doubts about Medvedev

* Putin could run in March 2012 presidential election
Lets not forget about China, North Korea, all the Turmoil in the Middle East. This of course INCLUDES the War Obama starting in Libya and the fact he has just recognized the Muslim Brotherhood as an Official Government in Libya. Recognizes Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Continues to dis our long time Allies. And seemingly ignores all else in the World.

Yes folks, While Obama plays Dictator Wannabe, the World Grows more and more dangerous. Why? One of the reasons is simple to understand. NO ONE fears Obama. The World thinks we are a Joke. They have no reservations on getting uppity while Obama is President. They know he will do nothing about anything. He is too busy destroying America FOR THEM. 2012 can not come soon enough folks. I'm not one hundred percent certain we could survive another 4 years.

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