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Sunday, July 17, 2011

DLA For Sunday 071711

He is a hundred percent right.

Hey folks,

Talk about applying Logic. If we had a Balanced Budget Amendment, that would mean we have to Balance the Budget. Imagine that. We would have to live within our means. You know, like YOU do. You have X amount of money coming in. You have X amount of money going out. If what you have coming in exceeds what is going out, you have extra to do extra stuff. If you are irresponsible, and you have MORE going out than you do coming in, then you MUST cut some of your Spending. It really is not Rocket Science. You may not WANT to cut something out. But you may not have the CHOICE.

The Federal Government needs to adopt this same Philosophy. They do not want to, for the very reason they SHOULD. Why do you think that Obama and Crew have NOT submitted a Budget in the past Two and A Half Years? One, they are probably too ignorant and incompetent to understand Accounting Matters, and two, they just do not care. They want to spend whatever they want and to hell with the future.

Well there IS an Adult in Congress who wants a Balanced Budget Amendment.

"Think of how different our fiscal picture would be if we'd passed one in 1997, Fourteen years later, our nation faces a debt crisis of epic proportions. Our national debt has gone from roughly $5 trillion in 1997 to over $14 trillion today.

That's more than $45,000 for every man, woman, and child in America.

While details of this debate change by the day, the fundamentals are clear, President Obama and his Democratic allies in Congress refuse to come up with a legitimate plan to confront our runaway spending that has left our country over $14 trillion in debt. He refuses to reform our near bankrupt entitlement programs -- all while pushing job-killing tax hikes."
So why does he feel Obama and Crew do not want a Balanced Budget Amendment?

"Because they want to keep spending the American people's money."
He is a hundred percent right. It will most likely never Pass, but at least we have someone speaking the truth and Logic of the Situation.

Congratulations Senator Orrin Hatch from Utah, you ARE the WINNER of the Display of Logic Award for today, Sunday, July 17, 2011. Even if you and your Colleagues continue to run up against the Idiocies and the Out of Control Liberals, keep it up. The American People are with you, and we have your back. Logic and Truth in Government? What a NOVEL Concept.

UPI - GOP Calls For Balanced Budget Amendment

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