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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

REAL American Jobs / Real Answers to Our Energy Crisis

These are REAL Jobs for REAL American People. RIGHT NOW!

Hey folks,

I just simply want you to read this piece from the Wall Street Journal - Energy Boom Fuels Hiring By RYAN DEZEMBER

Oilfield services companies are doing a booming business amid the rush to tap North America's newfound troves of crude oil and natural gas. The discoveries are pushing U.S. energy employment to its highest level in two decades.

Baker Hughes Inc. on Monday said its income in North America doubled last quarter from a year-ago to $440 million, despite weather-related disruptions in Canada that weighed on results. Last week, Halliburton Co. said its second quarter North American profit more than doubled from a year earlier. Schlumberger Ltd. on Friday said its North American profit jumped six-fold to $673 million, from $116 million a year ago.

Those gains translated into at least 17,200 new U.S. oilfield jobs during the quarter, according to federal employment data. In May, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported there were 413,500 jobs in the oil and gas extraction and support businesses in positions ranging from roustabout to tax accountant. Oil and gas extraction added jobs in June; corresponding data is not yet available for support positions. All the hiring, however, hasn't moved the needle on the nation's unemployment rate, now at 9.2%, due to weakness in construction and other industries.

Schlumberger Chief Executive Andrew Gould worries that a shortage of skilled workers will become a pinch point as the company responds to global demand for its services."The ability to provide both North American and international markets with required people in a continued growth phase will be a challenge," Mr. Gould said.

Schlumberger, Halliburton as well as smaller rivals Baker Hughes and Weatherford International Ltd., are watched closely because of their global reach and their linchpin position between equipment makers, rig owners and energy producers. Their profits are a good barometer of the industry's job growth. On Tuesday, Weatherford is expected to report profit rose 36% from a year ago, according to Thomson Reuters.

Baker Hughes has been on a hiring spree, adding 2,200 employees in the U.S. in the last 12 month, said Vice President Adam Anderson. "We plan to continue to do so this year," he said. Oklahoma City-based Devon Energy Corp. hopes to add as many as 450 workers this year to a U.S. payroll that tops 3,300 and could repeat that level of hiring in 2012, said Frank Rudolph, the company's top human resources executive. "These are typically well-paid people," he said in an interview.

After shedding jobs for much of the previous two decades, steady job growth returned to the U.S. industry in 2004, about the same time that U.S. energy producers began extracting natural gas from shale-rock formations. The industry combined horizontal drilling with a rock-cracking process called hydraulic fracturing to release huge quantities of gas once thought to be out of reach.

U.S. oil and gas explorer Anadarko Petroleum Corp. on Monday posted net of $562 million compared to a year-ago loss of $28 million.

The ensuing drilling frenzy fed a flurry of hiring. The run was curtailed by recession in 2009, but recovery has come swiftly. The sector has added an average of 5,920 jobs a month this year through May and preliminary data suggest that trend continued in June. Through May, there are 13.6% more jobs tied to drilling than at the end of last year. By contrast the number of construction jobs in the U.S. has only grown 0.8% in that span.
Now all we keep hearing from Obama and Crew on how this Utopia of "Green Dreams," will Create Jobs and save us from our Energy Crisis. Most estimate that in best case scenarios, ten to fifteen years from now, we may make a bit of a dent on our Energy Independence of Oil and Natural Gas. It MAY create a few thousand Jobs, {GM has their Batteries being made overseas. Solar Panels are being made overseas, Wind Turbines? Yup. Accept for those being funded by YOU the Tax Payer} But it MAY help us reduce our needs on Oil, MAYBE, sometime in the distant future.

HERE is what is happening NOW. Just one industry. TODAY! In the Economic Mess that this Administration and Liberal Policies have put us in. These are REAL Jobs for REAL American People. RIGHT NOW! Now after reading this. I want you to think about something. Imagine if the Government would just get out of the way. Imagine the Increased Production. Imagine the Increase Jobs that would HAVE to be created to support that Production. Imagine the Increased Revenue to our Government. Imagine the Increase Product added to the supply. Increased American Security. Increase Revenue. Increase Jobs. Lower costs for all.

Dreams vs Reality. Which do you think will help our Economic Situation? Dreams vs Reality. What do you think will increase Jobs? Dreams vs Reality. Which do you prefer?

Wall Street Journal - Energy Boom Fuels Hiring

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