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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

As Always, More Access IS The Answer

California just one example.

Hey folks,

It's my Boy Joshua's SIXTH Birthday today. Happy Birthday to Josh. Big Birthday Weekend coming up this Weekend. Friends, Family, Food, Water, Sun, Fun. Can't wait. Of course that also means no Big Sunday Edition this Week, but Fret not, I will return soon. {Smile}

Have you noticed that the Price of Gas has started to clime a bit? California just one example. But they are not even the highest. According to the LA Times -California gas prices aren't among nation's highest

The state's average for a gallon of regular gasoline the past week increased 2.2 cents to $3.80, but that came in lower than several other states because of refinery problems in the Northeast and Great Lakes regions.
I know, this guy, who's this by? Oh here it is, Ronald D. White, Los Angeles Times Writer, is trying to make the best of it here. But Refinery Problems are just a scratch on the surface. According to this Piece:

Refinery problems plaguing the northeast U.S. and the Great Lakes region have knocked California out of its usual spot at the top of the nation's gasoline price list.

California almost always competes with Alaska and Hawaii for the highest gasoline prices in the U.S. because of its complicated gasoline blend and relative isolation from U.S. oil sources. But not so this summer.
Now stop right there a second. WHY do they have different and complicated gasoline blends? Liberal, Environmental BS Policies. Why are they so Isolated? Because of Liberal, Environmental BS Policies. Lets look at the TRUTH of all this.

First California has insane and pointless Environmental Regulatory Standards that force the Gas that THEY consume to meet higher and pointless standards. In the name of Saving the Planet, GWBS, they have enacted Policies and Procedures that make Production more Expensive and in turn, more costly for the Consumer. Now I'll have to check Alaska because that is not sitting right with me. Not sure if that's a Fact or not.

Point two, NO NEW REFINERIES ALLOWED for over 30 years. Can't build them. Can't UPGRADE them. Can't do ANYTHING without a long a costly battle with Environut Groups and a Costly and lengthy Permitting Process. If it even gets approved to BE Permitted.

Remember what we were talking about this past Friday? Obama: Kill The Damn Birds We were discussing how Obama WANTS this massive Wind Project that will allow a 200-mile corridor for Wind Energy Development from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico that would allow for KILLING Endangered Whooping Cranes. Because Obama and Crew WANT this, Screw the Environmental Studies and Permitting Process. Just roll it all into a single Permit to allow them to do whatever they want. But a New Refinery? NEVER! More Drilling? NEVER! {Sigh} Attempt at living the "Green Dream" or at least APPEAR to be caring? KILL THE DAMN BIRDS, I WANT THIS! Make it happen. Right?

The California average for a gallon of regular gasoline rose 2.2 cents to $3.80 over the past week, according to the Energy Department's weekly survey of service stations. New York came in at $3.90 a gallon. California wasn't even the most expensive on the West Coast, falling below Washington's $3.804 a gallon.

Nationally, the Energy Department said the average rose 4.1 cents to $3.682 a gallon.

In another survey, the daily AAA Fuel Gauge Report, the California average for a gallon of regular gasoline of $3.803 ranked seventh behind Hawaii ($4.064), Alaska ($4.046), Connecticut ($4.015), New York ($3.926), Illinois ($3.910) and Rhode Island ($3.835).

"California gasoline supplies have been very healthy, and there have been few refinery problems there. If refineries in other parts of the country were doing better, we wouldn't see prices rising this fast," said Patrick DeHaan, senior energy analyst for, a system that gathers prices from a network of volunteers.
MORE Product IS the answer. We need more Product. Oil and Natural Gas. What did I just see. Hold on. Yeah, According to The OKLAHOMAN - Chesapeake Energy Corp well hits production milestone

Chesapeake Energy Corp. has had an Oklahoma well surpass 60 billion cubic feet of natural gas production for the fourth time, the company announced.
But it doesn't take ten to twenty years to increase production folks. Do not believe the garbage and incorrect Talking Points you hear from the Environmentalists. Get this.

The Oklahoma City oil and gas company owns an 82.6 percent stake in the Buffalo Creek, which it began drilling in May 2002. The first gas sales from the well occurred in December 2002.
Begin in MAY, SALES in December of the SAME YEAR. Remember Perdido? Ten to Fifteen Years

So let's recap. No oil. A structure larger than the Eiffel Tower, weighing as much as 10,000 cars, that will be producing oil from THREE different fields, and a product to market within 2 years. Do not tell me we can't do it. Do not tell me we can't drill our way out of foreign dependency. Out of outrageous gas prices, and do not tell me that this will kill the planet. We can do whatever we set our minds to. THAT is what has always, and will always, keep us great.
So instead of "Dreaming Green." Violating their own standards, and WAITING 15 to 20 years to MAYBE perfect an Alternative, within 2 to 3 years we could have MORE Security, Affordable Energy, Better Economy, and a STRONGER America in general. Government just has to get out of the way.

LA Times -California gas prices aren't among nation's highest
OKLAHOMAN - Chesapeake Energy Corp well hits production milestone

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