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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Jumping to The Conspiracy Side?

Or just looking at the FACTS.

Hey folks,

I know, I know, some of you are going to be thinking that I have completely lost it. I understand that some of you will think I have TOTALLY jumped over to the Black Helicopters, Tin Foil Hat, Conspiracy Camp. But I'm sorry, I BARELY believe in Coincidence in any form to begin with, and all this? All this is TOO Coincidental for me.

OK. First, Obama comes out and says we WILL Drill more. He WILL uphold Bush's lifting of the Moratorium. Remember that? Right after his Election. Finally, NOTHING is going to stand in our way of using our own Natural Resources. We will be Energy Independent and Energy Costs will come down. What happens? A Drilling Rig explodes two weeks later.

When THAT turned out to NOT be as big a Disaster as the Left Hoped, and Obama was said to be thinking about lifting the REINSTATED Moratorium, what happens? An 18 Wheeler, just sitting at the dock, explodes at a Oil Refinery. There was another Rig Fire.

Now then, look at Coal. When Coal started to be talked up, and when Obama seemed to be running away from VP Biden's comments "NO dirty Coal Plants HERE." What happens? Yup. Coal Mines Disasters. Not one. But MANY, and Multiple places around the World.

So what do we have today? Obama and the Left USING all this to keep the De facto Moratorium in place, and Obama doing what he SAID he would do, attempting to BANKRUPT the Coal Industry.

So now just the past Month, with Gas Prices and the cost to Heat and Cool your Home starting to Skyrocket again, we talked about the Keystone Pipeline, and how it could be. 92 Percent of US Liquid Fuel Produced Here and Canada. We talked in depth about this and API had a Blogger Conference call on this very subject. So what happens? You guessed it. A Pipeline "accident." According to CBS News - Yellowstone oil pipeline was cited for safety

(AP) LAUREL, Mont. - An oil pipeline that spewed tens of thousands of gallons of crude oil into Montana's Yellowstone River was temporarily shut down in May because of concerns over rising waters, and regulators twice in the last year warned Exxon Mobil of several safety violations along the line.

Exxon Mobil officials estimated that up to 1,000 barrels, or 42,000 gallons, spilled late Friday night before the flow from the damaged pipeline was stopped. The break near Laurel has fouled miles of riverbank and forced municipalities and irrigation districts to close intakes across eastern Montana.

By early Monday the company had received 70 calls into a hotline set up for property owners suffering from the spill, although spokesman Alan Jeffers said not all of those were reports of oil.

Jeffers said 125 workers were on the ground Monday cleaning up scattered sections of riverbank that received crude. But he added that there was no longer a defined slick of oil moving down the river and the impacts were unlikely to grow.

"It's unlikely there's any oil in the water at this point," Jeffers said. "That doesn't mean we know where it all is."

Officials in Yellowstone County were working with the company to connect cleanup personnel with affected property owner, Commissioner John Ostlund said.

Montana's Disaster and Emergency Services Division was unable early Monday to give an update on the spill, including whether the oil had in fact dissipated. Environmental Protection Agency officials also could not immediately provide any new information.
So again, not big enough. They were hoping for BIGGER. But do not fret folks, the Pictures of oil covered animals are out there making their rounds. Oh by the way?

The cause of the spill has not yet been determined, but company and government officials have speculated that high waters in recent weeks may have scoured the river bottom and exposed the pipeline to debris that could have damaged the pipe. Eastern Montana received record rainfall in the last month and also has a huge snowpack in the mountains that is melting, which has resulted in widespread flooding.

"We are very curious about what may have happened at the bottom of the river. We don't have that yet," Pruessing said
And of course they got some Moron to get their 15 minutes and make Idiotic Statements like this.

"The smell has been enough to gag a maggot," said Corbin, 64. "I just hope it doesn't come too far because I'm on a well, and I won't appreciate having to shower in Exxon oil."
Oh the story goes on Oil is Evil, they do not care, and even though:

The spill was small compared to other oil-related disasters, such as the 11 million gallons leaked by the Exxon Valdez in Alaska in 1989. But officials said the pristine nature of the Yellowstone, along with its turbulent waters and riverside communities, complicated their cleanup efforts and attempts to assess the damage.
It will still be YEARS before we fully understand the SEVERITY of the Evil Moves by Big Oil. Yes, we do not know how this happened, {They really do not care HOW} we just know it did. And WE CAN NOT HAVE ANOTHER INCIDENT LIKE THIS!. We need MORE regulation and MORE Government Control, to protect the People and Nature. We need to go GREEN. No new Pipeline until we discover how this happened and find a way to prevent this in the future. {Sigh}

Now I know, like I said, some of you think I jumped over to Kookville. Some of you think I have proudly put on my Tin Foil Hat. I know that when I entertained the thought that the Rig Explosion may have been caused by someone furthering an agenda, that even those in the Industry said it was unlikely that anyone could pull it off. But NOW? When you sit back and look at the BIG PICTURE and the TIMING of all these "Accidents," one has to at lease consider, IS there more to it? I'm not saying, I'm just saying.

CBS News - Yellowstone oil pipeline was cited for safety

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