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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sincere Thank You For Attendance

You all made Joshua's Birthday Party GREAT!

Hey folks,

Happy Hump Day to ya. No breaking news. No deal on the Debt. I want to take a few minutes to answer a question that some of you have posed. How was Josh's Birthday Bash? I want to take this time to sincerely THANK all of those of you who attended Joshua's Sixth Birthday Party. A VERY special Thank You to all of you who attended this past Saturday at 2pm at Indian River park. I think a fun time was had by all. We had friends and Family, met some new Friends, and Joshua made out like a little Bandit. He got Lego, well, EVERYTHING. He's pretty much been building ever since.

We chose Indian River park for a few reasons. First, it is absolutely gorgeous. It really is. They host a LOT of Weddings there for the sheer beauty and surroundings. Second, of course, the Fountain. It costs a little bit to have the Pavilion right there next to the Fountain, but the Kiddies LOVE the Fountain. They can run around through it with Water shooting up all over the place. A good way to cool off on a hot day. Best part, unless you are having a party, it's FREE.

Laura made all the food, except the Pizza. That we ordered out. She made Jerk Chicken, Chicken Curry, Black Eyed Pea Curry, Rice, and our Friends Buzz and Bizz brought Chicken Salad. That would be Salad with Real Chicken grilled to delicious perfection and place on top. Not the Mayo sandwich type. We went through like ten plus pounds of Chicken, all the Black Eyed Peas, all the Rice, and FIVE Pizzas. I think everyone was well fed.

We got to meet for the first time, well, we made some new friends as well, but we got to meet for the first time my Friend's Soon to be Baby Mommy. {Smile} Two Months away and she was just glowing. I love her. Such a Sweet person. My Friend also brought Anabel, a black Pug. Anabel was a big hit with some of the Kiddies as you can imagine. I keep telling Steven that he better be careful, I'll steal her one of these days. Love that Dog.

Josh had his Favorite people in the whole World there. Not naming names, do not want to unintentionally hurt any one's feelings, but they all had a BLAST. You can see pictures of this on FACEBOOK. You can also see pictures of the Lego Cupcake Cake that Laura ALSO made.

Josh made out beyond even his imagination. And that is saying something. He got Lego Star Wars, Cars, Buildings, Regular Cars, Boats, Plans, whole sets with like towns and stuff. My favorite is the Lego Lighthouse that really lights up. That's why I bought it for him. I want to play with it. {Smile} You know you do the same thing. You buy your kids toys that YOU want to play with. I guess that is another reason I'm happy to be blessed with two Boys.

Oh don't worry, Eli made his rounds. He was LOVING all the pretty Girls around. He was visiting with just about everyone there. Even our new Friend that is about to have one of her own was enjoying spending a bit of time with him. It was kinda funny. I looked over at the soon to be Dad watching her hold him, and I could almost hear, "Oh, so this is what it will look like." {Laughing}

No folks, there were no issues. No drama. No Politics. No rain. No fights. Nothing to report but a REALLY beautiful and happy Day. And all that was possible thanks to YOU. Well, OK. God for the weather. But YOU made Joshua's Birthday Bash a GREAT time. I think he is counting down toward the next one. {Smile}

Again, truly Thanks to all of you. It really meant a lot to me that you came. Even more so to Josh.

See you soon folks. Have a GREAT Day!

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