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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

It the Economy Stupid.

Hey folks,

Obama and Crew LOVE to talk about Jobs. OK. Lets. Obama has cost America Hundreds of Thousands of Jobs. Some say that this is directly linked to the Liberal Policies that we have been held hostage to for the past two and a half years. They would be right. Indirectly, no matter how good the intent, Obama has actually cost America MILLIONS of Jobs.

First, Fannie and Freddie. The Housing bust. Builders, Real estate people, Loan Officers, Appraisers, Inspectors, ETC. Government Takeover of GM? Dealers closed, Sales people. Factory Workers. The surrounding businesses that rely on the Factories, ETC. Obamacare? Green Regulations? The EPA out of control? Uncertainty on Taxes? You get uncertainty in the Work place, Market Place, Retail loses simply because people are not spending their money. Not wise to spend, if you are not confident that you will continue to have income. When the Space Shuttle lands? Some estimate 18,000 will be added to the Unemployment Rolls. Surrounding Businesses that rely on Tourists and Space Program Workers? Yup. They WILL be effected as well.

Then you Got Obama and Crews OUTRIGHT Assault on the Energy Industry. From an intentional attempt to BANKRUPT the Coal Industry, to the De-Facto Moratorium, Obama has cost America Jobs, Security, and Higher Energy Costs for ALL.

In 2009, the Industry employed around 1.7 Million directly and another Four Million indirectly. That is estimated on some very, very Conservative estimates. If they were left alone to do their thing, they could have by now, from just one area they wanted to look into, generated $1.7 trillion in incremental revenues to the Government.

Enter Obama? 60,000 jobs in the Gulf States alone have been lost since 2008 due to our Obama Economy. Thanks to the completely POINTLESS Moratorium, the Rigs packed up and went elsewhere taking their Jobs with them. The API and the National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA) released a study that quantifies the Job losses as well as the opportunities for Job creation. It is in depth, and lengthy, but WELL WORTH the time to check it out. If the Government was to just get out of the way? According to the Report,

· Greater access to Gulf development could increase offshore employment by 77 percent– from 242,000 jobs in 2010 to 430,000 jobs in 2013 – with almost a quarter of the new jobs outside of the Gulf region.
"But Pete, Obama lifted the Moratorium." Yes, and he put into place a “Permitorium.” A way to SAY he is allowing new Drilling, then NOT allowing Permits to be given. A De-Facto Moratorium.

However, just higher Energy Costs and Jobs loses is not the ONLY effect Obama is having by his assault on Energy. He is costing Revenue loses, and Retirement loses for A LOT of Americans. This COULD be YOU.

75 percent of Oil Company Stocks are held by Retirement Plans of Millions of Americans. Obama is COSTING them, perhaps even YOU, a HUGE chuck of YOUR Retirement Benefits.

Now lets talk about Revenue. The Debate in Washington right now is how do we cut the Deficit. How do we NOT raise the Dept Ceiling and NOT raise Taxes. Well, there is an answer right in front of all of us. It has been here the whole time. OIL and NATURAL GAS. You know, what make the World WORK.

As we have talked about before, through increased access to North America’s vast reserves, together with our friends in the North, Canada, we could provide 92 percent of America’s liquid fuel needs by 2030. By increasing access, we could produce $4 Trillion in s State and Federal revenue. Look at that number folks. That is not a fuzzy Math number. That is not a made up number. That is REAL Money. Just doing this ALONE could eliminate nearly 30 percent of the National Debt.

Based on numbers from the Congressional Budget Office, that’s enough money to:

• Supply veterans’ benefits for 83 years.
• Cover the cost of Social Security and Medicare payments for nearly 3 years.
• Cover the cost of the entire defense budget for nearly six years.
Again, all this would CREATE Jobs.

To put that in perspective, that would provide enough jobs to employ 85 percent of Vermont’s entire population. By 2015, development of the Marcellus Shale alone could create 160,000 jobs in Pennsylvania, 20,000 jobs in New York and 30,000 jobs in West Virginia. Add that to the 9.2 million Americans currently employed by the oil industry and you’ve got the economic engine powering our economy and our way of life.
So as the Politicians fight it out in Washington. REAL Americans are standing by with REAL answers. Not Government Policies, and Plans. The American Spirit. The FREE MARKET. American itself will heal itself, if the Government would just get out of the way. As Reagan said:

"Government is not the solution to our problem government IS the problem "
Government created Double Dip Housing Depression, Record High Unemployment, Out of control Dept. Just this ONE Industry, could CREATE REAL long lasting Jobs, INCREASE Revenues that the Government will NEVER see with Tax increases on ANYONE. It will BOOST the Economy in General, helping to actually CUT the National Debt. Housing? Like I said on the Tom Sullivan Radio Show a while back, Economic recovery HAS to start with Jobs. No Job, you are not going to invest in a HOME, Car, or anything else. You will pay the Electric, and EAT. Buy Gas to go to go FIND a Job, if you can, until you can no longer afford the Gas.

Again folks, this is ONE Private Industry, capable of all this. Imagine if Government would just get out of the way, and let the Free Market, BE the Free Market once again. Imagine what we could do together. Not Government Insiders, but the AMERICAN PEOPLE.

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