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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Owling? You REALLY Can't Make This Stuff Up

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Hey folks,

It's been a while, but I have discovered a CLEAR CASE example of YCMTSU. {You Can't Make This Stuff Up} Are you an Owl? Have you Pictured yourself as an Owl. No? Why not? Don't you know this is the latest crazy going around? Seriously. Not here, apparently EVERYWHERE! What's the matter with you? You better get your Owl on.

According to the UK Daily Mail - Owling, it's the new planking! New crouching craze springs up on the Internet

The bizarre Internet craze of ‘planking’ is set to lose its cult online status to the increasingly popular trend of ‘owling’.

Hundreds of young people in America, Australia and now, Britain, have taken up the new ‘owling’ craze.

It consists of nothing more taxing than crouching on one's haunches and staring into the middle distance, like an owl.

Participants then take photos of themselves and post them on Facebook or on other social networking sites.

Extra kudos is earned for those who do it in unusual situations.

The trend is a development of the popular craze of ‘planking’ in which people would take pictures of themselves lying face down in strange locations.

However, in recent months ‘planking’ has become increasingly mainstream - and thus less popular on the trend-conscious Internet

Last month the celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay posted pictures of himself planking - a development that prompted trend-watchers to declare the craze ‘officially dead’.
Chef Gorden Ramsay? {Laughing} REALLY?

‘Owling’ is believed to have started in Australia within the last few weeks.

Indeed, it is so new that the Wikipedia entry for ‘owling’ describes the practice as being a term used in the Middle Ages to describe the ‘the smuggling of sheep or wool from England to another country’

Despite its relative youth, the owling craze already has two popular Facebook groups dedicated to it, onto which more than 1,000 people are listed as members.

Other social websites including Reddit also feature pictures of young people taking part in the craze.

The trendspotting site Buzzfeed has described ‘owling’ as a ‘worthy successor’ to planking.
This is SERIOUS Stuff folks. People have Died. I'm not kidding.

Earlier this year an Australian man Acton Beale died while trying to ‘plank’ from a set of railings on a balcony in Brisbane.

Afterwards Deputy Police Commissioner Ross Barnett confirmed reports that the 20-year-old ‘may have fallen while attempting a planking episode’.
{Laughing} No I'm not laughing at the guy who passed on. God Speed to Acton Beale and may his Family have the Peace and Comfort they need in this time. But SERIOUSLY? I like to think I'm pretty informed of what is going on in the World. But I never heard of PLANKING, let along Owling. I completely missed that Trend. Thankfully.

So there you have it folks. If you want to be hip and trendy, you better go out there and get your Owl on. {Laughing} You should see some of the comments on this Article.I even added one. It just goes to show you that most people really are Sheep.

UK Daily Mail - Owling, it's the new planking! New crouching craze springs up on the internet

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