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Sunday, July 10, 2011

IWA For Sunday 071011

No one believes this.

Hey folks,

Time to wrap things up with the Idiot of the Week. I DOUBT that even the MMD can spin this one. No amount of talking points will convince any,,well, OK, ALMOST anyone that this is a true Statement. It is nearly incomprehensible that someone would ACTUALLY speak it out loud.

I know some of you will not like this. But the FACTS are the FACTS. It WAS Fannie and Freddie that started this whole mess. It WAS the Democrats that stood in the way of more Government Regulations. It was people like Barney Frank who said "I see nothing wrong with Fannie and Freddie. There's no problem here." {Barney Frank impersonation} Oh great, I just spit all over the Computer. "There is nothing wrong here. No. No need for these investigations." {Barney Frank impersonation} It was people like Maxine Waters that called the Investigators Racist. "I think we need to Investigate the Investigator. There is no problem here. The Problem is this Investigator." {Maxine Waters Impersonation}

Just the FACTS folks. It IS FACT that it IS the Liberal Leadership that began spending out of control. Started Regulating, well, Companies that they do not like. GM Pays NOTHING in Taxes. This is because they are in bed with the Liberals, and Obama himself. It is FACT that Jamming through Obamacare created the uncertainty that helped bring us to were we are now. Record high unemployment. As Obama is about to add 18 thousand PLUS to these numbers thanks to him closing down the Space Shuttle Program. It is FACT that those Shovel Ready Jobs never happened. Where is all the money? Double dip Housing Recession. Despite all the programs to save it. No Jobs, Foreclosures, uncertainty of Obamacare and NEW EPA Regulations, the Green Movement BS, ETC.

So yeah, Bush spent like 700, or 800 Billion on the Bank Bailout. But all this did was open the door for Obama to pend MORE than all Presidents up to NOW. Obama and the Liberal's QUEST to create a Liberal Socialist Dictatorship that created the mess we are in. Then they come out and say they want to double down. Spend MORE.

They lie all the time. Obama even Lies to his own Base. "I will close Gitmo." Still open. "I will end the war." He doubled down, and CREATED two more. "I will save the Economy and create Jobs." He has made it worse. He cost us Tens of THOUSANDS of Jobs. The De-Facto Moratorium caused Tens of Thousands of Jobs, and RAISED Energy Costs. He CAUSED Thousands of MORE Jobs lost in GM and Chrysler, forcing Dealers to close down all across the Country. He caused THOUSANDS of Jobs by causing small Businesses to close down all over the Country due to uncertainty over Obamacare, Taxation fears, and Green Regulation Fears. He WILL be causing Tens of THOUSANDS MORE jobs when the Shuttle lands for the last time. I just saw a Restaurant that fears they will close down because they rely on tourists and Employees at Cape Canaveral.

These are the FACTS. Like them or not. These are the FACTS. Forget what Obama and Crew tell you. These are the FACTS.So now this brings me to our Idiot of the Week. She actually said this. She fumbled through it, but she actually said it.

Obamacare "Will create 4 Million Jobs. 400,000 Almost Immediately."
WHAT?!? Really? You know, I never do this. Well, nearly never. But I was curious. So I read the comments. 6 PAGES of Comments at the time. Oh go HERE, Real Clear Politics - Pelosi: Health Reform Will Create 400,000 Jobs "Almost Immediately" to see the Video and read the Comments yourself. No one believes this. Most reoccurring theme is Tell us HOW. She is an Idiot. She is from a different Planet. She is a Twit. Well, she is a Twit. But no one is believing this. It WILL do, like most things that Obama and Crew say, the exact opposite.

One of my favorite Comments is from someone calling themselves Prevaricator, who said this.

Statements you can believe in :

Healthcare bill will create 400,00 jobs, the earth is flat, the Sun revolves around the earth, and I have never had a botox injection..
Congratulations Nancy Pelosi, you ARE the Idiot of the Week. Even some of your Liberal Base think you are full of it. Facts are FACTS Nancy. Numbers do not lie. Well, as long as you use REAL numbers. When Logic and Reason oppose whatever you say, this can not come as a surprise to you. YOU should be use to people not believing you by now. 2010 should have sent you a message. I would like to think 2012 will seal the deal. Hey, maybe you will be fired AGAIN. But fret not Nancy, you will always be one of our favorite little Idiots.

Real Clear Politics - Pelosi: Health Reform Will Create 400,000 Jobs "Almost Immediately"

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