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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Republicans Starting To Listen?

To the PEOPLE.

Hey folks,

As you know, I have been communicating with the House Republicans. I have been warning them DIRECTLY, that we did NOT send them to the House, put them in power, and enable them to obtain the Leadership, for them to play Politics as usual. HERE is just one Example of what I have been saying.

I do want to repeat to my new Republican House and Senate Members. I also want to say this to my more liberal Friends out there. The People did NOT send the Republicans to the House and Senate to WORK WITH the Liberals. They sent them, YOU, there to STOP THEM.

We have no interest in furthering an agenda that goes against the Will of the American People. We have no interest in finding common ground in the destruction of this country, it's Constitution, or giving up Freedom. We have no interest in finding a way to "Fix Obamacare," bring about "Cap and Tax." "Amnesty." Higher Taxes. Nothing that IS the Obama Progressive agenda. We have no interest in Socialism. We have no interest in redistribution of wealth. We have no interest in punishment of hard work and reward of laziness. We have no interest in continuing to spend money we do not have to spend. Like $200 MILLION a Day for a Trip to India.

It really is this simple. The Republicans were Voted in to STOP all this. Not find common ground or areas in which to agree. They want it STOPPED. They want Obama STOPPED. They want the America that they know and love BACK.

I know one area where pretty much EVERYONE agrees. STOP OBAMA! STOP THE LIBERALS! STOP THE INSANITY! Restore honor, and respect to this country. Govern FOR the People, not AGAINST the People. THAT we can all agree on. THAT is our common ground.

Make no mistake about it my new House and Senate Friends. If you are perceived to be doing ANYTHING other than attempting to stop this insanity, YOU may very well face a similar fate of Pelosi and Obama. You may very well be out as well. It really is, Just that simple.
I have send Emails, Letters, and posted Open Letters. We need to make sure they do not misunderstand their Position. Our Position. Now that the Wall {Debt Ceiling} is getting closer, We the People are getting louder.STAND YOUR GROUND GOP!

Now I will admit that I have had my doubts. I really have. I have done all these things with the thought floating around in the back of my mind that the Republican Leadership, the Establishment Republicans we either too stupid, or too set in their ways, which is with some, "Liberal Light," that they would do what the Left does, ignore the Will of the People, no matter HOW loud and clear that Will is spoken to them. But it SEEMS that perhaps they ARE starting to listen. Not to the Establishment types. No, no, no. To the PEOPLE. Some examples of what appears to be the Republicans growing a set?

"In my view the president has presented us with three choices," said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., referring to efforts to raise the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling. "Smoke and mirrors, tax hikes, or default."

"Republicans choose none of the above," McConnell said. "I had hoped to do good; but I refuse to do harm."

Meanwhile, House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, demanded more specifics from Obama, saying, "Where's the president's plan? When's he going to lay his cards on the table?"

"This debt limit increase is his problem," Boehner said. "I think it's time for him to lead by putting his plan on the table, something that the Congress can pass."
Then of course you have the NOW famous quote by Senator Mitch McConnell,

"After years of discussions and months of negotiations, I have little question that as long as this president is in the Oval Office, a real solution is probably unattainable."
Way to go Mitch! Then we have Senator Marco Rubio on the Rush Limbaugh Radio Program yesterday saying THIS.

SENATOR RUBIO: You know, the first part about it, Rush, is something you know on this debt limit thing. I said to somebody earlier today in the hallway, one of these media types that waits out in the hallways to interview you. They wanted to talk about the debt limit. I said, "The debt limit is a symptom. It's not our problem. The core problem is our debt and the fact that our government borrows 40¢ out of every dollar and has no idea how it's gonna pay it back; and that's a combination of spending -- we just spend way too much as government -- and loss of revenues."

Again, not loss of revenues 'cause our taxes aren't high enough. Loss of revenues because we have too many people that are out of work that are not paying taxes. So the solution seems to me to be a combination of fiscal discipline on the spending side -- which you have to enforce through spending caps and a Balanced Budget Amendment and cuts starting right now -- and, at the same time, some sort of pro-growth measures that get people back at work that create not new taxes but new taxpayers: People that are working, paying their taxes, adding revenue to government so that government can use that revenue not to grow government, but to pay down the debt and put us on a sustainable path.

That just seems to me to be the commonsense approach to this, and, instead, we've got this President's obsession with raising taxes -- and what bothers me the most about it is not just that it will kill jobs and is bad for our economy. What bothers me the most is there isn't a single tax package out there that's reasonable and realistic that would even put a dent on this debt crisis. I mean, people have no idea what you'd have to raise in taxes in this country to just to begin to make a difference. Of course you never can raise it to that level because you won't be able to collect them because, you know, people aren't dumb enough to work for free. I mean, if you're gonna tax all their money, they're not gonna keep working. So these are the things I just don't get and I wish we had done a better job earlier of outlining these choices to the American people.
Imagine THAT. We need Jobs? As I keep saying more JOBS is the answer to fixing the Economy. THAT is where we have to start. So is the GOP finally LISTENING? Some of the signs seem to be saying Yes. Keep it up. Stand tough. America itself is on the line here. WE, The People, got your back.

USA Today - McConnell, Boehner blast Obama over debt talks
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Anonymous said...

You must be rich as you are wanting to keep tax loopholes for the rich and not raise their taxes. Republicans speak mostly for the rich so you are stupid to support them.