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Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Carlock Family Member Coming, Great Saturday,

Need more days like this.

Hey folks,

Well, it's official. I'm soon to be Daddy again. Laura is pregnant with Baby two. If it's a Girl, it will be Maya Anne. If Joshua is to have a Brother, uh, yeah, we have no idea. But whatever it is, as long as it's healthy, I'm happy.

I will admit that I'm a bit nervous. Just being truthful here. Josh had some medical conditions as you know, but is now a Healthy and soon to be 5 years old. Going to Kindergarten this year. Now the thought of worrying about health and the whole Diaper, three am feedings, and starting all over again? Yeah. More nerve racking than I thought it would be. I may be more nervous this time around than I was with Josh.

But Saturday was a GREAT day. We spent the afternoon at the Beach. {No tar balls} Afterwards we got Pizza for dinner. He is my boy. Between Me, him, and Mom, we ate THREE Pies. Yup. At 5 years old, Josh can hold his own with the Pizza thing.

Today is going to be a GREAT day as well. I will be leaving here in a few to get Josh his first furry little Pet, Squeaky, the Guinea Pig. He picked it out Yesterday, but he is at Nana's last night and will be until I pick him up to go get Squeaky. We have two Cats, Jumpy and Winks. But we have had them before him. So this will be his first real Pet of his own.

Anyway, Happy Sunday to you folks. This IS the OPNTalk Blog Big Sunday Edition and I AM Peter Carlock, your Provocateur of Thought himself. Coming right up today?

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You know, I just thought of something. To any and all of my friends and family out there that just got upset with me sharing the great news here before I talked to them personally? Sorry. Don't be mad. I'm sure I will be talking to you soon. {Smile} I wanted to share the news with everyone. You will have both all the information and YOU will MEET the newest member of the Carlock Family when She / He, arrives. YOU are part of the inner circle. We love you and can't wait to share. As I couldn't wait to share here. {Smile}

Going to get my Coffee. One of my favorites that was introduced to me by my Sister from another Mother, Don Francisco's Hawaiian Hazelnut, Go get whatever gets you going in the AM and I'll be right back.

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Anonymous said...

yeah!!! I'm gonna be a faux aunt again!!!
I love you