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Sunday, June 20, 2010

School Authority Trumps Parents?

Way too far

Hey folks,

You know, this is one of the things that just absolutely drive me nuts. There are some that want to hold the Parent responsible for the crimes their kids commit up to the age of 21. Not kidding. There are some that want the kid to be able to make life or death decisions, such as Abortion, without the Parent even knowing about it. There are some that feel kids will starve to death over the summer vacation because the School is closed, and that is the only place some of these kids eat.

You know where I stand on all this. It is NOT up to the School, to feed your kid. It is not up to the School to educate your kid on sex. It is not the School, Police, or anyone else who holds the responsibility of finding out if there is something wrong with your kid. It IS YOUR Job.

YOU are the Parent. They are the kid. YOU need to be involved in EVERY aspect of their lives. YOU are the is all and end all when it comes to your Child. They have NO RIGHTS except those YOU bestow on them. If ANYONE even thought for a second, that it would be alright for my Daughter to have an Abortion without my input, would find a SERIOUS problem with me. And I do not just go away I assure you.

Parent need to raise their children. There are no excuses. No substitute. No other way. There was a study just published that PROVES that a child with an intact home with a Mother and a Father, are like 400 times less likely to commit Suicide, or turn to drugs and alcohol. They do better in school and have a better life in general in all categories.

However, the Liberal Loons who control the Public Education system NOW want to have the authority to PUNISH your kids for what they do when they are HOME. Sorry, but not even over MY dead body. According to - NYC Going After Teen 'Sexting' -- In The Home Dept. Of Education Targets Sexually Explicit Text Messaging Outside Of School Hours With Up To 90-Day Suspension

NYCLU Slams Idea, Says It's A Violation Of Freedom Of Expression
WOW. Me and the ACLU are on the same side? Most likely for different reasons but still.

Parents and schools struggle with the role technology plays in kids' lives. But a new push to keep them safe has some saying it goes too far.

Schools now want to punish students caught "sexting" -- no matter where they do it.

The Department of Education wants to ban both cyber bullying and sexting in New York City's public schools at all times, even outside of school hours.

"We've always been respectful of first amendment rights. I think we'll get the right balance here," said Schools Chancellor Joel Klein.
No. Not really. Ask those kids that were sent home for wearing the American Flag. Ask the kid sent home for the "Jesus loves you" shirt. They do not believe in Free Speech. They believe in Political Correctness.
While new laws are being enacted to prevent cyber bullying, sexting is not so straightforward.

Sexting has drawn the opposition New York's Civil Liberties Union.

"What on earth is that? It is a vague, undefined prohibition that impacts expression outside of school," said Donna Lieberman of NYCLU.
I do agree. Is saying "I think you're Hot" Sexting? "I like that shirt you had on today"? Of course a full fledged description of intercourse or nude photos may fall under this category. Yet, so is the shirt comment if someone decides it is. So where would it stop, and how would the School have the authority to READ anything that the kids are texting off school hours? Will they have to get a warrant for every student to read them? On what grounds? Or do they just want a new Law saying they can whenever?

The proposal would let a principal do anything from hold a parent conference to expel for cyber bullying.
Now here is where I and the ACLU most likely differ. The Parent had better KNOW what their kid is texting. This is why I do not feel kids should be allowed to have cell phones. Most definitely NOT unmonitored Internet Access. It's up to the PARENTS to control this. And they had better know BEFORE the School.

Not only does the Department of Education want to ban sexually explicit text messaging that students may do off hours on nights, weekends and summer vacation, but they also want to punish them for it, handing out up to a 90-day suspension.

Students said this proposal is going too far.

"If they're doing it inside of school, that's perfectly fine, but outside of school they don't really have a right over what you do with your phone," said Brooklyn resident Valerie Valdez.

"If it's not in school then I don't see how my cell phone and the school have any relation together," said Queens resident Naomi Moore.
They can't. They don't.

Yet parents find it less of a black and white issue.

"What may be acceptable for a parent to their child may not be acceptable to a school and where do you draw the line?" said Lisa Spector of the Upper East Side.

"I wouldn't want them punishing my child, but somehow if we could prevent sexting and cyber bullying and everything I would be in favor of that," said Brooklyn resident Betsy Davidson.

Both issues will be debated next Wednesday. Parents expect those meetings to be heated, indeed.
You see folks. This is one of the problems. People like Betsy Davidson. Betsy, YOU are the one with the power to stop them from doing it. YOU. I know it SOUNDS good. I know it SOUNDS like it's a good thing that the school is trying to do here. It really isn't. It is a slippery slope. It is a crack in the door.

STOP PASSING THE RESPONSIBILITY OF RAISING YOUR KIDS TO OTHERS!!!!! It is YOUR Job as the Parent. The School should be teaching 1 plus 1 equals 2. it should be teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic. Teaching things that we need in the real world. How about like counting change back if the computer goes down, or how about how to READ that diploma that the kid just got. But then again, if they can't read and write, then I guess they will not be Sexting. Right?

Sources: - NYC Going After Teen 'Sexting'

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