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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Democrats struggle to find energy plan

Told you they would be using this accident.

Hey folks,

Back on June 23, 2010, I posted this. Amnesty, Taxes, Cap and Tax, Obama Agenda I said this.

I'm going to talk more on the Ruling in just a few minutes, but follow me on this. According to my friend, who shall we say is in the inside, told me that the Loons on the Left {My words} are going to do everything they can to ram through Cap and Tax. He said that they lost the whole Global Warming argument {Told you so} and that they were using this Deep Horizon Accident to push it {Cap and Tax}. Now this Judge has blocked them. My friend said this.

"Pete, I wouldn't be surprised if Obama and those on the Left, did now use this Ruling. Now they can say 'Look, Obama tried to do the right thing here. He tried to pause and step back. He is concerned about the safety of these Oil Rigs and those that work on them. But this Judge, most likely paid off, blocked the right thing from happening, so now we have no other choice than to impose stiffer regulations and fees to ensure that they are doing the right thing.' Of course, as he said with the Coal Industry, they can Drill, but they will go bankrupt. Know what I mean?" Interesting point. I guess we will have to wait and see. More on the Ruling in just a minute. But right now I want to talk about this.
Then we learned that Obama and crew didn't care what the Judge said. They do not care about Law, unless it is Laws that give them power, control, and of course, all that money. The Laws that THEY write, and then exempt themselves from. But the Rule of Law? This they do not like.

Robert Gibbs, the White House Press Secretary, came on on the day of the Judge's Ruling, that blocked Obama's Drilling Ban, said the Administration “will immediately appeal” the Ruling to a federal appeals court in New Orleans.

But then, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said that within days he would just simply issue a new order imposing a Moratorium on Drilling that would contain additional information showing why it was necessary. Basically, he said "Screw you Judge. Obama wants this, and what Obama wants, he gets."

Meanwhile however, the Loons ARE doing EXACTLY what I told you they were going to do. According to the The Wall Street Journal - Democrats struggle to find energy plan By LAURA MECKLER

Congressional Democrats are still struggling to come up with a plan for energy legislation in response to the Gulf oil spill and are looking to a bipartisan meeting with President Barack Obama on Tuesday to produce some clarity about trade-offs the White House favors.
That is really all you need to know. There is a WEALTH of information just in this first Paragraph.

A- Like I told you before, and my friend confirmed, they lost the whole Global Warming Bunk argument. No one, other than a few ignorant people out there, really believes that this is real.

B- "Never let a good crisis go to waste." So since they can not use the failing GW argument. {Uh Global Warming, not blaming Bush. Which some are still trying to do by the way.} They will use THIS, the Deep Horizon Accident, to try to push their agenda. After all, who likes seeing Birds covered in Oil?

C- Read that last sentence again. "some clarity about trade-offs the White House favors." So what is the White House going to authorize the Loons to give away to get what they want? Getting ready for one of those back room, in the dark of night, meetings.

For its part, the White House wants to know what Republicans would be willing to support.

Senate aides say they want to bring legislation to the Senate floor next month. The broad goal: To create more incentives for consumers and businesses to cut their consumption of oil, coal and other fossil fuels. But after two meetings this month of the full Democratic caucus, no decisions have been made about what the bill should include or how to corral the needed votes for passage.
Don't you love how the Wall Street Journal is reporting this as no big deal. Business as usual. "how to corral the needed votes for passage." How to buy them off to get their Votes. Favors. Pork. ETC. Which is still illegal by the way. But it's business as usual in Washington, so who cares? Maybe THAT is part of the problem. Don't ya think? Then this Piece also tells you what I've been telling you. They must do this NOW!

Meanwhile, time is running short, as lawmakers look ahead to their August recess and the midterm elections.

Mr. Obama has summoned a bipartisan group of senators to a White House meeting on Tuesday to sort out a way forward.

One Senate aide working on energy issues said White House leadership is "a real missing ingredient here. I don't think we can succeed without them."
"We need Obama {Rahm Emanuel} pressure here. We NEED Chicago Thuggery. We need help here."

Many, but not all, Democrats are hoping for legislation that will put "a price on carbon"—another way of saying raise the cost of burning coal to generate electric power and using gasoline to power automobiles. A White House official said the president still wants a comprehensive energy bill that does that, but he said the White House understands that a measure to cap greenhouse-gas emissions across the economy cannot pass the Senate.
Which will RAISE YOUR ENERGY COSTS. Remember Obama told you so.

I think it was this same conversation with Obama that he said he would Bankrupt the Coal Industry. Back to the WSJ.

The president has declined to put forth an alternative ahead of Tuesday's meeting, where negotiators will sort through what might be possible, the official said.
He wants what he wants, and you better give it to him. But they know it really isn't all that possible.

Democrats agree that an economy-wide carbon cap won't be approved in the Senate. That system, known as "cap and trade," would require companies to buy permits to generate carbon dioxide. Republicans have branded it a "national energy tax," and a group of coal and Midwest state Senate Democrats also oppose it because of the economic impact on their states.

Senate aides and others involved in the discussions say there is interest in a compromise that would cap emissions of carbon dioxide from the electric power sector only—not the transportation and manufacturing sectors. The plan would raise the cost of burning coal to generate electricity, which could boost alternative technologies such as nuclear plants, wind turbines and solar panels.
Completely Bogus Dreams. Nothing is out there. Meanwhile YOU will go bankrupt, just to buy gas, What about some elderly, on fixed incomes, trying to heat their homes in the Winter? If they can not afford it, then? How many deaths do you think we may see? People using their stoves? Indoor use of Heaters? Freezing to death? If they can't pay?

One Democrat close to the White House said the administration would likely favor this approach as the best option that can win sufficient Senate support. White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel has said it is one of the ideas that will be considered.

But the plan hasn't been publicly embraced by any of the key congressional players in the energy debate, or by the White House. Mr. Obama used a recent Oval Office address to call for action to cut U.S. fossil fuel consumption in response to the Gulf oil spill, but he and his aides still have not told lawmakers exactly what they want in a bill.

"In private, most agree that a power sector cap is the apex of the possible, but it is easier to maintain the all-or-nothing debate that has dominated the last decade than to climb into the middle and forge a passable compromise," said Jason Grumet, president of the Bipartisan Policy Center, a centrist think tank. His group is circulating a plan that would impose a utilities cap, along with other energy provisions.

Some utilities support the idea of a cap for the power sector, partly to forestall what could be more onerous regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency. Utilities that invested in coal alternatives—such as Texas wind energy farms—also could benefit if the bill creates new incentives for using wind-generated power.
So THEY get money, YOU pay more.

But a utilities-only cap wouldn't affect oil consumption, making it difficult to explain how the policy relates to the oil spill that is providing the political momentum for action this year. Some environmental groups have questioned the value of a narrow, power-sector carbon dioxide cap.

Passing a comprehensive energy bill would give the president another significant victory on his domestic agenda. Just this year, Congress has passed major laws affecting health care and student lending, and is on the brink of approving a financial regulatory overhaul.

Republicans say they won't support proposals to raise the cost of burning fossil fuels. Democrats "never miss an opportunity to seize on a crisis to turn to the far left to-do list," Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) said this week. Some Republican lawmakers have expressed support for proposals to boost the energy efficiency of buildings and cars, and take other steps that don't involve carbon limits or significant new energy levies.
They're not going away on their own folks. They will not stop until Obama get's what he wants. This is why it is up to YOU. Throw these insane Loons, that DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU, out. We have to make sure that they know, NONE of this insanity is acceptable. The sad thing is, they know this. They are doing it anyway.

The Wall Street Journal - Democrats struggle to find energy plan

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