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Monday, March 16, 2009

Why Should Obama Attend The Gridiron Club Dinner?

He OWNS the Press, besides, he is too cool for it anyway.

Hey folks,

Happy Monday to you. Why should Obama attend the Gridiron Club Dinner? Seriously. What's the point? For those of you who may not know, the Gridiron Club is a group of Mainstream Media types that was founded in 1885. They give out Journalism Scholarships and get together to talk News. They are most likely best known for their annual dinner which traditionally features the United States Marine Band, along with satirical musical skits by the members and remarks by the President of the United States and representatives of each political party. The skits and speeches by various politicians are expected to be self deprecating or otherwise sharply comedic. Basically it is a fun "get to know you" thing. Intended to bring together the President and the Press, to see each other in a more human and approachable way.

Every U.S. President except Grover Cleveland has spoken at the dinner since it's founding in 1885. President George W. Bush attended six times during his presidency. But Obama is too busy to attend. Of course according to the White House "No offense intended"

You see Obama is just too cool to attend this out of touch, dinosaur attending, out of date, uncool thing.

“Was it ever cool?” asked D.C. journalist Matt Cooper. He’s never been to the dinner but said it reeks of old-timers. “It always seemed kind of geriatric. The humor is slightly out of sync in the Jon Stewart and even the Johnny Carson era,” he said. “In general, isn’t it musical comedy?”

Yeah, Obama is way too cool for this. According to this piece by Politico.

But if a young and glamorous president decides he can afford to blow off an august and tradition-bound institution, one has to at least entertain the possibility that this institution may not be quite as august as its members assumed.

Of course the Club doesn't take offense. They say no big deal. They understand that Obama is just too busy. Hey, he was to busy to give the proper greeting and Dinner to one of America's biggest allies. Gordon Brown. So who does the Gridiron Club think they are anyway?

But why SHOULD he attend? One, he sees himself as much bigger than them, well, anyone, anyway. They are just a bunch of old people with out of touch traditions. He already OWNS them. They are already told what to report in the morning conference calls with the White House, of which they dutifully report. He doesn't need to attend this thing. He is far too sophisticated and intelligent to go to this idiotic and insignificant dinner to just make fun of himself.

He will send in his Crew. You know, Biden, Emanuel, and some others. On the "Republican" side, {Laughing} California Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, {Sigh} will be one of the Speakers. He is about as Republican as I am a "Progressive Liberal."

Look folks, this is not going to effect anything. Obama's snub is just part of who Obama thinks he is. It is who the Press will continue to portray him as. There is no point to him going. Nothing to gain. He is too big for this. No big deal.

But it is interesting to see that he is even blowing off those that actually GOT him elected. One has to wonder, just how much WILL the Mainstream Media take, before they decide, "screw this guy. We made him, we can break him." But I really would not hold my breath folks. I really wouldn't.

Politico - Gridiron singed by Obama no-show

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