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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Socialism Next Victim, The Auto Industries

First the warnings, then the take overs.

Hey folks,

The next victim of Obama's Socialistic Agenda is the Auto Industries. He is setting them up to fail and claiming that it is his job to fix them. It's not. Not even close.

Obama said this.

"We will provide them some help," Obama said. "I know that it is not popular to provide help to auto workers — or to auto companies. But my job is to measure the costs of allowing these auto companies just to collapse versus us figuring out — can they come up with a viable plan?"

No Mr. President. It is NOT your job in any way shape or form to save, bailout, dictate, control, or do ANYTHING with Private Business. Sorry. It just is not. Your, and ANY President's number one job is to keep America SAFE. How are you doing with that?

It is NOT your job Mr. President to "measure the costs of allowing these auto companies just to collapse versus us figuring out — can they come up with a viable plan?" If they make mistakes and they fail, they FAIL. Someone will figure out a way to either bring them back or start NEW companies. So sad, so long, see ya.

"If they're not willing to make the changes and the restructurings that are necessary, then I'm not willing to have taxpayer money chase after bad money."

You should not be giving them, Banks, Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, or ANY Private Businesses Tax Payers money. That is NOT your job. It is NOT the job of Government.

"Everybody is going to have to give a little bit — shareholders, workers, creditors, suppliers, dealers — everybody is going to have to recognize that the current model, economic model, of the U.S. auto industry is unsustainable," Obama said.

What everyone should recognize that the Obama "Economic Plan" is unsustainable. Not only is it unsustainable, it is beyond dangerous and bringing us into an area that we should never be heading.

Obama said his job was to protect U.S. taxpayers and he wouldn't spend federal dollars on "a model that doesn't work."

HELLO??? AIG? Fannie and Freddie?

The president said the industry has been hamstrung by the sharp decline in auto sales. Last year the industry sold 13.2 million new vehicles in the U.S., but the annual sales rate has dropped to around 9 million for both January and February. Obama said many Americans are struggling to get auto loans and are wary of big-ticket purchases as jobs disappear.

Why do you think that is? Absurd Regulations?

The president said that even as the economy bounces back, Detroit can't focus on "trying to build more and more SUVs and counting on gas prices being low."

Yeah because Obama WANTS the Gas Prices to go back up. He has said so. He likes High Gas Prices.

In that vein, the administration on Friday is expected to announce plans to raise fuel efficiency standards by 2 miles per gallon to 27.3 mpg for new cars and trucks in the 2011 model year, an administration official said Thursday. That would be the first increase in passenger car standards in more than two decades.

Under the changes, new passenger cars will need to meet 30.2 mpg for the 2011 model year and pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles, and minivans will need to reach 24.1 mpg, according to the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the person was not authorized to speak in advance of the announcement.

So let's put even MORE absurd regulations on them and then say if they fail, uh, what? You just got done saying that they can not fail, so this is why you Mr. President justify bailing them out. Yet if they do not do what you tell them then what? Are you going to take the money back and let them fail? I thought they were to big to fail. I know, I know, you will just use the new authority that you are trying to get to justify taking over yet another PRIVATE Industry. Right?

But what about them being forced to build cars nobody wants? I love this answer.

Gibbs said Obama still thinks U.S. automakers build cars that Americans want to buy. Both he and the president own Ford Escape hybrids. "It's a nice car," Gibbs said. "It really is."

{Laughing} It's a nice car. The President is happy with it, so you should be too. Talk about arrogance. Folks, Obama is setting up the Auto Industry to fail. When they do, he will be there to take them over. Then we will be talking about the NEXT victim.

AP - Obama says automakers need 'drastic changes'

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