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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Glenn Beck On AGI And The Economy In General

Comments from Glenn Beck on Wednesday 031809

Hey folks,

As I have been pointing out to you, I am no longer alone in talk about the Phony Outrage over AGI and I am no longer alone in talking about the Socialistic Agenda of the Hard Left.

The following was sent in Via Emails by our good friend D.S. Harford. It is comments by Glen Beck on Wednesday, 031809. D.S. gave this comment.

"psst.... can I sell you some American dollars"

{Laughing} No. Here is Glen Beck

I've been telling you for weeks to not be distracted by the "big news of the day" because it's usually just a smokescreen. But on Wednesday, I fell for it myself.

While everyone — including me — was taking sides on the AIG bonuses, something much more important was happening: The Fed announced it will pump a $1 trillion into the system by buying debt from our treasury.

Since they've lowered interest rates as far as they can, this is really a last ditch effort; it's like they put our entire economy up on the roulette table and the wheel is spinning.

To put this in perspective, think of America like a sick patient with a nasty staph infection. The doctors first try Penicillin to cure the patient. When that doesn't work, they try something else. And when all else fails they hook an IV to the patient.

That last line of defense was just hung over "patient America" yesterday, but we were all - and that includes me — too focused on AIG to notice.

Here's what this means: We're borrowing money from ourselves to pay for programs we can't pay for.

And that's why the price of gold shot up about 75 bucks in 18 hours. Investors aren't stupid. They know the risks this poses, especially to inflation and our dollar.

So let me play doctor here and give you the diagnosis without talking to you like a 4-year-old: The antibiotic we've just been given has never once worked in the history of the civilized world.

Can this time be different? Absolutely, but only if we've got the guts to make some life-changing decisions; decisions that will force us to shoulder some unthinkable pain in the short term, but decisions that may just save this patent's life.

Now I agree with him on this aspect. WE do have to help ourselves here. WE need to make some tough decisions. Obama and the Liberals in Congress are NOT going to solve this problem. They are going to and continue to make it worse.

The more that the Government continues to take over the Private sector, the worse the problem gets. THEY, CONGRESS and the Obama Administration KNEW and AUTHORIZED these AGI Bonuses, but now they are creating unconstitutional Laws to tax these bonuses back.

We should have NEVER allowed the Government to interfere with the Private Sector. Simply put, ALLOW the system to correct itself. Does that mean AGI, the Auto Industry {Some} and some banks may have been forced to file Bankruptcy? Yup. Does it mean that some people may have lost their homes? Yup. But then the market would have turned around after THESE hard decisions were made and others would have picked up the pieces, and we would have continued on.

Some of the Hard Decisions we need to make is to tell the Government to stay out of our lives. We need CEO's and Companies to stand up and say thanks but no thanks to the Government Money. Once they take it, they are then OWNED by the Government. We must make the tough decisions that we would have had to make before Bailout Mania. If we cannot afford the house, do not buy it. It our business is in trouble, file Bankruptcy. Regroup, and continue to seek ways to improve OURSELVES.

We are in this mess because the Government got involved. As usual, whenever that happens, history tells us things get worse. As Ronald Reagan once said, "Government is not the answer to the problem. Government IS the Problem."

We must start looking for ways that we can save ourselves, because we are the only ones that can do it. One of the first things we SHOULD do, is look into getting Government out of it.

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