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Monday, March 30, 2009

Obama's First Real Presidential Test

Obama insiders fear reality setting in.

Hey folks,

Happy Monday to you. That's right, tomorrow President Obama will be starting his whirlwind tour over seas. All we have heard is how if Obama is elected President, the World will love us, peace will reign supreme and the oceans will level off. The False Messiah will come in and save not only us, but the rest of the world as well.

Now on the eve of his historic trip, some insiders are starting to worry that reality may just set in. That the once "Rock Star" reception will be dampened to people actually concerned about REAL substance and the real Obama agenda.

According to the AP - Obama may find Europe reticent on some US goals By White House Correspondent Jennifer Loven, Ap

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama's first European trip could dampen his hopes that a new diplomatic style will convert once-reluctant allies into cooperative global partners.

What you mean he will not be able to just smile and wave his hand, making people love us, and bring about the end of anti-US sentiments? Really?

From taking in Guantanamo Bay prisoners to sending more troops into Afghanistan's most difficult regions and spending their way out of economic crisis, European nations remain reticent about some of the toughest U.S. priorities.

Translation time folks. Some of these nations ARE happy about what Obama is doing here, but they do not want him to dictate to THEM what THEY have to, in and with, their own countries.

But then again, some of these countries have and continue to rely on America being America. They see Obama attempting to turn America into, well, them. They do not want this any more than those of us here want that. They understand the reality that if America just becomes like them, their support and life lines will vanish and it will take their country down with us.

So Obama is set to start on Tuesday on an eight day, five country trip. According to the AP.

He will attend international summits on complex, urgent topics — the global financial meltdown and the downward-spiraling fight against terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan. He plans individual meetings with leaders important to U.S. strategic interests, from nations including Russia, China, Britain, France, Germany, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and India. Obama also will make his first stop in a Muslim nation, Turkey.

Wildly popular around the globe but relatively inexperienced in foreign affairs, Obama also will squeeze in a Buckingham Palace audience with Queen Elizabeth II, joined by his wife, Michelle; deliver a speech in France on the trans-Atlantic relationship and an address in Prague on weapons proliferation; and holding a round-table session with students in Turkey.

"Relatively inexperienced in foreign affairs?"
Really? I know more about foreign affairs than Obama does. That is just plain sad. But you have to give Ms. Loven credit for being honest here.

Then she speculates this.

When Obama went to Europe last summer as a presidential candidate, he was received like a rock star. His welcome this time is expected to be no less enthusiastic.

Why? It should be interesting to watch to say the least. But he will also be meeting some protests as well. Turns out that anti-globalization demonstrators planning a major show of force in London's streets, as well as others protesting around the globe.

Some experts warn that all is not peachy keen on the Ally Front. According to Nile Gardiner, Europe expert at the conservative Heritage Foundation, Obama has a lot of work to do.

"Obama remains a superstar in the eyes of European publics, and I think that rather drab figures like (German Chancellor) Angela Merkel, for example, or (British Prime Minister) Gordon Brown, like to bask in that sort of limelight," Gardiner said. "But that doesn't take away, I think, the fact that we are seeing some significant divisions now emerging."

One of Obama's first tasks will be to repair a possible rift with Brown. Whether slights by Obama were real or imagined during Brown's Washington visit this month, they have ballooned from the British public's perspective into fears that the staunch U.S. ally is getting short shrift.

Yeah ask Israel how it feels right now. Obama is NOT going to gain support by going over seas and attempting to dictate to them what they are going to do to help the world economy. Ms. Loven even points this out.

The Obama administration has talked about roughly commensurate levels of stimulus spending by all wealthy nations. But that idea holds little interest for debt-wary Europeans, and the White House has sought to lower expectations.

Obama's deputy national security adviser for international economics, Michael Froman, said that G20 nations already have enacted recovery and stimulus plans equaling about 1.8 percent of each nation's economic output, about the same as just one piece of the recovery efforts in the U.S., the $787 billion stimulus plan. So, Froman said, "Nobody is asking any country to come to London to commit to do more right now."

Then of course you know I will be watching this very closely.

Still, a major issue there will be whether the United States, in its enthusiasm for "resetting" prickly relations with Moscow, will abandon a Bush plan to build a new missile defense system in Eastern Europe. Poland and the Czech Republic agreed to U.S. requests to base the system in their countries, risking significant ire from Moscow in doing so.

So Barack? You wanted to be President. Now BE the President. This is your first real test. This is NOT going to be you flying around this country talking to a bunch of Sheeple that have already been brainwashed by the hype machine AKA the Mainstream Media. This is you talking to other world leaders, of whom some of them, see you for who you are. Don't blow it. Too much is at stake here. Are you ready for reality?

AP - Obama may find Europe reticent on some US goals

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