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Sunday, March 01, 2009

IWA for Sunday 030109

Beyond Stupidity

Hey folks,

There are almost no words for this one. It's Sunday! Time for the IWA. There really is very little to say about this one. This is one of the most stupid things I have ever heard. I'm not joking. This is TRULY a moment of sheer stupidity.

I do not buy the Mayor's excuse either. He claims he didn't mean to offend anyone, and claimed he was unaware of the racial stereotype linking Black People with eating Watermelons. If that was the case, then what would make this funny?

According to the AP - Mayor who sent watermelon e-mail says he'll resign

LOS ALAMITOS, Calif. – The mayor of a small Southern California city says he will resign after being criticized for sharing an e-mail picture depicting the White House lawn planted with watermelons under the title "No Easter egg hunt this year."

Los Alamitos Mayor Dean Grose issued a statement Thursday saying he is sorry and will step down as mayor at Monday's City Council meeting.

Grose came under fire for sending the picture to what he called "a small group of friends." One of the recipients, a local businesswoman and city volunteer, publicly scolded the mayor for his actions.

Grose says he accepts that the e-mail was in poor taste and has affected his ability to lead the city. Grose said he didn't mean to offend anyone and claimed he was unaware of the racial stereotype linking black people with eating watermelons.

Located in Orange County, Los Alamitos is a 2 1/4-square-mile city of around 12,000 people.

I will admit I was laughing when I first read this. Not because I think that the Email was funny. I was laughing at the sheer stupidity of this Moron. Congratulations Mayor, former Mayor, Dean Grose. You are without doubt nor hesitation, the Idiot of the Week. You are also in the running for Idiot of the Year. Do you REALLY expect ANYONE to believe that you did not get the stereotype of Blacks and Watermelons? If you did not get that, then what DID you find so funny and worth sharing? Good luck on whatever new job you are going to try to get.

AP - Mayor who sent watermelon e-mail says he'll resign

1 comment:

irishgodfather said...

Well on this I'll differ from most peoples opinions.
Being Irish I've been the target of a lot of Irish jokes.
Now the fact is I think most are funny and don't bother me a bit.
My point is I think in the quest for political correctness the USA has lost it's sense of humor.
Humor is the one thing we can't afford to loose in this day and age.