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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Gingrich Ponders 2012 Presidential Run

Preview for Sunday 030809

Hey folks,

Welcome to the Sunday Edition of the OPNTalk Blog. Before we get started today, I have some bad news. Good news for some of you. {Smile} I will NOT be here at all next Weekend. I will be heading to Miami Friday morning and will not be back until Monday. So the Idiots have the day off.

This means I will also not be here on Friday, so I will be doing the "From the Emails Segment on Thursday this week. For those of you that send in a bunch of stuff Thursday night, send it in Wednesday if you want me to consider it for Thursday.

Anyway, that is NEXT Weekend. Coming up today?

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IWA for Sunday 030809

Hey it looks like Palin may have some competition in 2012. Seems our good friend Newt is considering throwing his hat in.

He said that he and his Wife "will look seriously and we'll probably get our family totally engaged, including our two grandchildren, probably in January, 2011, and we'll look seriously at whether or not we think it's necessary to do it,"

"And if we think it's necessary we'll probably do it,” Gingrich said. “And if it isn't necessary we probably won't do it."

He also said this.

“I think it's conceivable that by 2012 you could have a second Contract for America.”

I for one would be VERY GLAD to see this. I can't wait. So get your go go juice, and let's get going. Oh, mine is Culinary Coffee Roasters "Jamaican Me Crazy" today. You can find it HERE Be right back.

AOL News- Gingrich Ponders 2012 Presidential Run

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