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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Behind The OPNTalk Screen 032209

Insider edition

Hey folks,

Welcome to the OBNTalk Blog. This is an inside look at what is new, things of old, and a time when I answer some of your questions that I have gotten over a period of time. I have not done this in a while, but I feel the time is come to offer you another inside look at me, and the OPN. {Our Opinion Network}

We have some new people checking in and are wondering everything from the basics, like what exactly DOES the OPN stand for? To some more personal information. As I have told you before, I get far more response via Emails than I ever do comments, and I do answer every question privately. As I have also told you, everything private STAYS private, unless I get express permission from the sender to publish it. Which is an answer to one of the questions all by itself.

Before we get to the questions, I what to share something new. Now you, well, some of you, already know that you can find me over at Ethepeople from time to time. I try to participate over there as much as I can. I really enjoy the folks over there and the format is extremely easy to use.

Now, I am also visiting over at the Tom Sullivan Radio show. Every post that I post here, goes there via RSS feed. I also plan on doing a blog posting from time to time there also. You know what, you can too. Just go over to Tom Sullivan's Radio Listener Club and sign up. It's free, and it's fun.

Also on the new front, per request by some of you, I have started emailing out the Sunday Preview. It goes directly to your Email address with all the links for the stuff that we talk about on the Big Sunday Edition. This way, if you are not into Politics, yet like the "Health and Science Segment," "IWA," or the "You Can't Make This Stuff Up" Segments, you can simply clink on them and go directly there, skipping all the stuff you do not want to read. If you are interested, I'm toying with the Idea of creating a mailing list to send the preview to all that wish to receive it. Simply Email me at and I will add you to the list.

OK, to the questions.

"What exactly does OPN stand for?"

OPN stands for The "Our Opinion Network." OK, a brief history. I'm a big Radio guy. I love AM Talk Radio. I love Radio. AM FM whatever. I enjoy listening to Rush, Sullivan, Hannity, Some of the local shows and some of the Sunday shows on WABC out of New York and others. But quite a while back, I discovered that some of the shows I was listening to were almost impossible to get on. It seemed that you had to,

A- Agree with the Host.
B- Be famous or some kind of expert.
C- At least on the same side Politically as the Host.
D- Had to be a way for the Host to look better or brighter than you.

So I thought, WHY? Does not EVERYONE have an Opinion? Should not everyone have a Right to speak it? What we need is an Our Opinion Network. A place where EVERY opinion matters. No matter how insane it may be. {Smile} So I started posting various places around the Internet. I started calling some of the places back in the early days, Round Tables of Intellectual Thought. Places where true debate can take place.

Over the years I moved on to various sites. Tried new things. The OPN grew. Some in these various places even started agreeing with me that it really was like a network of debates.

Then after a couple of failed attempts, on April 19, 2006, The OPNTalk Blog right here at was born. The rest is history.

"Why do you insist on name calling? Left wing loons. Idiots. Morons. ETC?"

I call it like I see it. Sorry. It is also clear WHY I am calling them what I am. At least according to MY point of view. You may of course, disagree. {Smile}

"Why can you not just give Obama a chance? Really? I already know the answer. You are just like the other Right Wingnuts. You hate the fact he won and will denounce him for everything. Including breathing I might add. Right?"

Wrong. I DID give Obama a chance. Search the archives and you will clearly see that I defended Obama a few times. I also defended Reid when some were calling him a Racist. I try to always give people the benefit of the doubt. However, when their own words and actions show us who and what they are, there is no point in the false Hope that they will be something they are not. Walk like a Socialist, yell like a Socialist, Your a Socialist.

Sorry BB, The "Dream" that is Obama is nowhere near the Nightmare that Obama actually is. Obama and the Kooks in Congress are completely out of control. They are violating the Constitution with this 90 percent tax on one certain group of people. They will not stop there. If they feel you make too much money, which is around $250,000 a year, having sent this prescient, they can now say, we will tax YOU 90 percent of whatever you make MORE than $250.000. This is not America. This is the new USSA. The United Socialist States of America. Obamerica. It is in the beginning stage, but it will happen if we all sit back and waste time "giving him a chance."

And the Million Dollar Question this round?

"Pete, fess up. You work for the Oil Industry don't you?"

{Laughing} No. Yes I post the information that the Mainstream Media does not. Yes I have friends over at API, Energy Tomorrow and Chevron. Yes I attend Conference calls with them and receive information that you will not get anywhere else. NO. I do not work for them.

So why do I do this? Because I AM passionate about this. I really do care about the energy crisis we are in. But the energy crisis we are in, is completely avoidable. We have the technology, we have the ability, to be more energy independent today, increase our National Security, and keep energy prices at a level ALL can afford. The fact that this Administration simply will not do it is insane.

We are where we are because of the Environuts, and the Liberals that are beholden to them. We do not have new Refineries, Nuclear plants, more Domestic Drilling, because of the SCAM that it will hurt the Environment. GWBS, Global Warming, uh, Bad Science {Smile} is solely about MONEY, POWER, and CONTROL. It is nothing more than a SCAM that is NOT based in REAL Science.

As a matter of fact I will be talking about some information that you will not get anywhere else in the Mainstream Media about this INSANE new taxing proposal by this Administration and the REAL effects it will have on REAL people in just a few minutes.

OK folks, that's it this time around. To all the new people, welcome again. I hope this answers some of your question about me and what I do here. If you want to be added to the group of people that receive the Preview, just let me know.

Oh, let me answer one more question that I get from time to time. Yes, please feel free to post comments here at the Blog. NO, I do not censor them. I have the authorization thingy activated for SPAM purposes ONLY. So if you have a real comment to post, and I do not agree with it, you call me names, or want to ask a question that you think I would never answer, please feel free to post it. I WILL publish it in the exact form you leave it. It may take a day or so to appear, because I am not in the Office most of the day, but it WILL appear as you leave it. Language, style, links, whatever. As long as it is not SPAM.

So there you have it. Another edition of the Behind the OPNTalk Blog Screen. Now check out the Big Sunday Edition and go over an visit my Friends at EThepeople and Tom Sullivan. I think you will enjoy your time there. Talk to you soon my friends.

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