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Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Hermaphrodite Tennis Player

You Can't Make This Stuff Up 032009

Hey folks,

Just something for you all to ponder. I really have no comment here. Just a classic case of You can't make this stuff up. Here it is.

AOL Health - Tennis Controversy: Female Player (with Male Past)

By Mary Kearl

Who does a person born with both male and female sex organs, but identifies as one gender in particular compete against in sex-segregated sporting events?

Sarah Gronert, a 22-year-old tennis pro from Germany who was born with both male and female genitalia, has chosen to compete against women, and that has some in the tennis community up in arms. "There is no girl who can hit serves like that, not even Venus Williams," says the coach of an opponent Gronert recently beat. The coach, Schlomo Tzoref, also claims, "This is not a woman, it's a man." Is Tzoref just a disgruntled coach, trying to stir up controversy, or is there any validity? What makes a man a man, and what makes a woman a woman -- and how does either affect one's ability to win?

Sarah Gronert, 22, is ranked 619 in the world. According to Fanhouse, at age 19 harsh treatment from peers about her ambiguous gendered-past almost led her to quit tennis.

Well, there it is. Go ahead and ponder. {Smile} I still am. Pondering that is. Be right back.

AOL Health - Tennis Controversy: Female Player (with Male Past)

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