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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Iran Does Not Have Key Nuclear Material Says Obama Propaganda

This is completely ignorant, reckless, and scary.

Hey folks,

This is actually flat out insane. There are only two possibilities here. One, Obama is just completely ignorant and naive, which is how our enemies see him, or, he knows exactly what he is doing. The latter being even scarier.

Why do you think China has been playing war games with us? North Korea testing missiles, Russia flying over our ships at sea, and Iran launching rockets into space? Because they do not see Obama as nothing more than an inexperienced stupid kid. Someone that doesn't care for the Military, the founding morals of this country. Someone who hates Bush and his Policies that have KEPT America safe. Some see him as someone they can smile at and say "yes, we want to be your friend" and he will BELIEVE them. Then you have the whole fact of him wanting to Socialize this very country, turning it into one that resembles theirs. Perhaps some see him as a person that SHARES their beliefs.

There has to be an answer why Obama seems hell bent on trying to be friends with our enemies and turn our friends into new enemies. He was "too tired to give Prime Minister Gordon Brown a formal greeting" besides "he was unaware that this was a custom." Also too busy sending letters to Russia. So the Press accepts and gladly reports. {Sigh} He is actively working on proposing a two State solution for Israel and the Palestinians. OK'ed $900 million to Hamas. Now he has the "experts," one is about to be appointed to the head the National Intelligence Council, saying that Iran is no threat.

Only problem is former U.S. Ambassador Charles Freeman, does not like Israel, has ties to foreign governments, including Saudi Arabia and China. But that's OK, he is working hard with ethics advisers to scrub his personal finances for potential conflicts of interest. {Laughing} Hey, with the Obama administration, corruption is a resume enhancement.

Remember last month I told you about this? The False Hope Of Iran Part Two

In his news conference this week, President Obama went so far as to describe Iran's "development of a nuclear weapon" before correcting himself to refer to its "pursuit" of weapons capability.

{laughing} He really knows what Iran is up to. He just cannot come right out and say it. He may upset some Anti-War Kooks.

Obama's nominee to serve as CIA director, Leon E. Panetta, left little doubt about his view last week when he testified on Capitol Hill. "From all the information I've seen," Panetta said, "I think there is no question that they are seeking that capability."

As a matter of fact U.S. National Intelligence Director Dennis Blair

Asked about it at a Senate hearing, Blair acknowledged it was a difficult question to deal with in a public setting.

"I can say at this point that Iran is clearly developing all the components of a deliverable nuclear weapons program -- fissionable material, nuclear weaponizing capability and the means to deliver it," he said.

"Whether they take it all the way to nuclear weapons and become a nuclear power will depend a great deal on their own internal decisions," he said.

"Nobody in the international community wants to see a nuclear armed Iran, either. The question is what are you going to do about it," he said.

So? What are we going to do about it Mr. Blair? We are going to appoint an Idiot that doesn't like Israel, and want to divert attention away from Iran. According to AP - Officials: Iran does not have key nuclear material

WASHINGTON – Iran does not yet have any highly enriched uranium, the fuel needed to make a nuclear warhead, two top U.S. intelligence officials told Congress Tuesday, disputing a claim by an Israeli official.

U.S. National Intelligence Director Dennis Blair and Defense Intelligence Agency Director Lt. Gen. Michael Maples said Tuesday that Iran has only low-enriched uranium — which would need to be refined into highly enriched uranium before it can fuel a warhead. Neither officials said there were indications that refining has occurred.

I would be willing to bet that THIS is true. If Little Hitler had the war head, he would have used it by now. But this does not mean that he is not WORKING on it as we speak. He is.

Their comments disputed a claim made last weekend by Israel's top intelligence military official, who said Iran has crossed a technical threshold and is now capable of producing atomic weapons.

Capable of producing. That they are.

The claim made by Israeli Maj. Gen. Amos Yadlin runs counter to estimates by U.S. intelligence that the earliest Iran could produce a weapon is 2010, with some analysts saying it is more likely that it is 2015.

We have already debunked this twice. But let's see folks. Today is 31109. 2010 in less than nine months away. This is reassuring? The time it takes a woman to become pregnant and give birth, Iran could possess a Nuclear Bomb with the capability of "wiping Israel off the map," their stated goal, and hitting some US Cities? But that's OK.

Maples said the United States and Israel are interpreting the same facts, but arriving at different conclusions.

"The Israelis are far more concerned about it," Maples told the Senate Armed Services Committee.

THAT is a MAJOR problem here. The Obama Administration is NOT concerned about it.

The status of Iran's nuclear program has been the subject of conflicting public statements by top military and intelligence officials recently in the wake of U.N. revelations that Iran has more low-enriched uranium than previously thought.

Earlier this month, Defense Sec. Robert Gates and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Adm.. Mike Mullen differed over Iran's capability. While Mullen said Iran has sufficient fission material for a bomb, Gates insisted "they're not close to a weapon at this point."

Yeah 9 months is not even close. Right? That's using your own information. Which is questionable to say the least. Divert attention. DIVERT ATTENTION!

Maples also told the committee that insurgent violence in Afghanistan has gotten more ferocious in the last year even as violence in Iraq declined.

The use of roadside bombs in Afghanistan more than doubled in 2008 over the previous year, and attacks overall increased by 55 percent from 2007 to 2008. Suicide bombings increased by 21 percent and small-arms attacks increased by 33 percent.

Where do these road side bombs come from? Where do some of the weapons they are using come from? Yeah.

Some of these trends reflect more aggressive military operations in Taliban strongholds by U.S. and other NATO forces, Maples said.

Maples said the Somali extremist group al-Shabaab is poised to formally merge with al-Qaida, expanding the terrorist franchise in East Africa. An analysis of the propaganda released by both groups recently highlights their ideological similarities, suggesting a merger is forthcoming, Maples said.

So forget Israel. Forget Iran. Forget that they either have or are close to having the ability to make a Nuclear Bomb. Forget that. Let's look at Africa?

Al-Shabaab conducts almost daily attacks in Somalia. A merger would strengthen al-Qaida's foothold in East Africa.

The two groups have long been suspected of working together, but they have not yet announced a formal alliance. Al-Qaida has operations in north Africa, Yemen and Iraq.

But what about the computers? WE HAVE TO PROTECT THE COMPUTERS! {Sigh}

Blair said National Security Agency is poised to take a lead role in protecting U.S. computer networks from cyber attacks. The NSA — tarnished in the public view by its role in the Bush-era "warrantless wiretapping" program — now conducts clandestine computer attacks on U.S. adversaries, and could use those skills to protect U.S. networks from similar attacks.

Oh, "warrantless wiretapping" program which Obama now says is a good thing that we must keep. {Laughing}

He said it must be done under strict oversight to make sure it is not gathering private American information that violates privacy and civil liberties laws.

Blair also stood firm behind former U.S. Ambassador Charles Freeman, his pick for a top analysis job, despite strong congressional criticism.

Freeman, who was U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia during the Persian Gulf war, had harshly criticized the Israeli government, the Iraq war and the war on terrorism in general.

A policy council Freeman headed also has been criticized for some ties to foreign governments, including Saudi Arabia and China. Blair's inspector general is investigating those ties while Freeman works with ethics advisers to scrub his personal finances for potential conflicts of interest.

Blair has tapped Freeman to head the National Intelligence Council, which analyzes critical national security issues drawing from all U.S. intelligence agencies. The National Intelligence Estimates are meant to be unvarnished and apolitical.

"The National Intelligence Estimates are meant to be unvarnished and apolitical." OK?

Blair said Freeman's strong opinions are exactly why he wants him to be chairman of the council.

"I think I can do a better job if I am getting strong analytical viewpoints than if I am getting pre-cooked pablum," Blair said.

You really are a Moron Mr. Blair. All you are going to get from Freeman is "pre-cooked pablum." Actually more like grandiloquence. But then again, that is most likely what Obama wants as well.

The seven Republican members of the Senate Intelligence Committee sent a letter to Blair Monday expressing concerns about Freeman's suitability for the job. They joined more than a dozen members of the House who over the last two weeks have sent similar letters and requested the IG investigation.

Besides, Obama is too busy attempting to become Supreme Leader Obama in this country. He doesn't have time to worry about Iran. He's tired. He need not be troubled with stupid foreign affairs things.

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irishgodfather said...

I hope Obama has the guts to tell that to the people of Israel when Iran reduces it to glass.
Or worse gets a delivery system capable of hitting city's here in the US.

Peter said...

Hey Irisgodfather,

It won't matter. It really won't. Some of the Kooks on the Left would say Israel had it coming. You know this is true.

Then the Mainstreme Media would just say, "He tried. He did more to try to bring peace than Bush ever did. This unfortunate distraction is going to take away from Obama's plans to save our country, so what is done is done, let's move on."

Yes the Obamaid is THAT powerful. The useless and Anti-Semitic UN would most likely issue a condemnation to Iran, and pose Sanctions against them, and Obama would most likely give Hamas another $900 Million to help them rebuild and stabilize.

If it hit one of our cities? Obama would most likely call for a criminal Investigation and tell us how you can not conquer Evil with Evil. That we must and Will rebuild, and we will go forward with talks. That we will show how strong we really are by NOT doing anything.

Pelosi would most likely say, "Hey, look at all the money we are going to save. I mean think about it. We will not be sending Aid to all those people that were on welfare, food stamps, and we will not be paying for all these Unwed Mothers. You see, you have to have a positive outlook on these things."

Either case, the LWL would simply blame Bush. It was his 8 years of war mentality and cozying up with Israel, who really did not have a right to exist anyway, that made the world hate us. So Blame Bush. Obama is going to make even this right by his superior intellect and smile.

And as always, the saddest thing about ANY of this, is that there will always be people in this country that will BELIEVE this crap.

Where oh where has our America gone?