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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Obama No Friend Of Life

All the strives to protect innocent life, being destroyed by President Obama.

Hey folks,

In another in the ever increasing "Why is this a surprise" category. Obama panders again to the Far Left Liberal Kooks. But this should not be a surprise either. So his big move on Monday will be to reverse the SANE and RESONABLE restrictions on Embryonic Stem Cell Research. You know, the FAILED Embryonic Stem Cell Research. The Embryonic Stem Cell Research that has not produced ONE SINGLE SOLATARY shred of evidence that it benefits anyone.

Forget the hype. Forget the propaganda. Look at the FACTS folks. Back on November 20, 2007 I posted Update On the HS Segment 111807

All the way back on June 10, 2007, I introduced you to Dr. Shinya Yamanaka. In OPNTalk - H.S. More Evidence, The Need Of Embryonic Stem Cells NOT Needed, I told you about the research that was on going.

Then I posted this.

Now just today, we see THIS in the NYT - New Stem Cell Method Could Ease Ethical Concerns By GINA KOLATA

Two teams of scientists are reporting today that they turned human skin cells into what appear to be embryonic stem cells without having to make or destroy an embryo — a feat that could quell the ethical debate troubling the field.

All they had to do, the scientists said, was add four genes. The genes reprogrammed the chromosomes of the skin cells, making the cells into blank slates that should be able to turn into any of the 220 cell types of the human body, be it heart, brain, blood or bone. Until now, the only way to get such human universal cells was to pluck them from a human embryo several days after fertilization, destroying the embryo in the process.

The reprogrammed skin cells may yet prove to have subtle differences from embryonic stem cells that come directly from human embryos, and the new method includes potentially risky steps, like introducing a cancer gene. But stem cell researchers say they are confident that it will not take long to perfect the method and that today’s drawbacks will prove to be temporary.

Researchers and ethicists not involved in the findings say the work should reshape the stem cell field. At some time in the near future, they said, today’s debate over whether it is morally acceptable to create and destroy human embryos to obtain stem cells should be moot.

So Embryonic Stem Cell Research is moot. It is pointless. It is a FAILURE. It is a waste of money. It is MURDER. But that does not matter to Obama. Here is a guy that did NOT want Doctors to save live aborted babies, nor does he want limits on Abortion. He just appointed a HUGE Pro-Murder person to the head of Healthcare and he told Doctors, "You will kill. Even if you do not believe in it." Now today we learn this. AP - Stem-cell policy change liberating to researchers By BEN FELLER and LAURAN NEERGAARD, Associated Press Writers Ben Feller And Lauran Neergaard, Associated Press Writers Sat Mar 7, 6:15 am ET

WASHINGTON – Eight years of frustration are close to an end for scientists seeking ways to use embryonic stem cells to combat illness and injury.


On Monday, President Barack Obama plans to reverse limits imposed by President George W. Bush on using federal money for research with embryonic stem cells.

Simply because Obama is no friend of life.

The long-promised move will allow a rush of research aimed at one day better treating, if not curing, ailments from diabetes to paralysis — research that is has drawn broad support, including from notables like Nancy Reagan, widow of the late Republican President Ronald Reagan, and the late Christopher Reeve.

All absolute BS. Proven to be BS. Just another attempt to pacify the Kooks who have linked this to Aborts "rights" even though there is no such thing.

But it stirs intense controversy over whether government crosses a moral line with such research, and opponents promptly denounced the move.

Good. Obama needs to be denounced. He is a completely ignorant puppet for some on the Far Left. He does not care about Life. All he cares about is power and control. If throwing these Morons a bone and saying to them, "Yeah, go ahead a kill innocent babies as long as you keep me in power. What do I care."

Obama will hold an event at the White House to announce the move, a senior administration official said Friday. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the policy had not yet been publicly announced.

Embryonic stem cells are master cells that can morph into any cell of the body.


Scientists hope to harness them so they can create replacement tissues to treat a variety of diseases — such as new insulin-producing cells for diabetics, cells that could help those with Parkinson's disease or maybe even Alzheimer's, or new nerve connections to restore movement after spinal injury.

We already have a process that does NOT use Embryonic Stem Cells that will actually DO this. Proven it CAN do this. I'm not going to post these Idiot's praise for Obama or their outright lies. If you want to read them, click the link. I will give you this one though.

"America's biomedical research enterprise experienced steady decline over the past eight years, with shrinking budgets and policies that elevated ideology over science. This slowed the pace of discovery and the search for cures," said Sean Morrison, director of the University of Michigan's Center for Stem Cell Biology.

Right. Because there is not enough people that feel this is necessary nor is there enough people that are willing to fund you MURDERING innocent Life to conduct an already FAILED field. So now you, and other's that stand to make a lot of money are happy. You will be making money from people that are forced to give it to you even if they do not believe you are doing the right thing. If this WAS such a good thing, you would be saying to the Government STAY OUT of it. We have all these people giving us funds. We do not need you. But that is not the case. Is it Doc?

"Taxpayers should not have to foot the bill for experiments that require the destruction of human life," said Tony Perkins of the conservative Family Research Council. "President Obama's policy change is especially troubling given the significant adult stem cell advances that are being used to treat patients now without harming or destroying human embryos."

Indeed, there are different types of stem cells: So-called adult stem cells that produce a specific type of tissue; younger stem cells found floating in amniotic fluid or the placenta. Scientists even have learned to reprogram certain cells to behave like stem cells.

That is the ONLY place in this entire "Yeah Obama" piece that mentions that there are even ANY alternitives. That is why I reminded you. This is also all it says about the opposition. It goes right back to lying about the possibilities and "Yeah Obama" stuff.

Obama is NO friend of Life. All the strives to protect innocent life, are being destroyed by President Obama. But none of this should surprise you. We already knew where he stood from his days back in Illinois.

But then again, since Libs kill themselves off at a more accelerating rate than any other group through Abortion, maybe we should just say "You know what, never mind, go for it." Eventually they will be gone, and SANITY can then once again reign supreme.

OPNTalk - Update On the HS Segment 111807
AP - Stem-cell policy change liberating to researchers

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