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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Analyses of Obama New Conference 032409

Well, sort of.

Hey folks,

Normally I would spend the next hour or so dissecting the News Conference that you just saw last night or the Transcript you just read this morning. With this one, I could spend the next three hours pointing out the lies, inaccuracies, and agendas. But I already do that, and I'm sure I will be in the days, months, years to come. Nothing was new here. It was all a show, just like so many other things that the Obama Administration and this Congress does.

Don't be fooled today when watching the news coverage of all this. How strong Obama was. The "tough questions" that the Reporters were asking. How he will "bend but not break." He was brilliant. Oh, how smart Obama is. "That's it, it's settled. Obama answered that tough question." "Let's move on." So on and so forth.

I'm serious folks, This was all nothing more than attempting to put away the critics, and further the agenda. The questions were prearranged and the people asking them were preselected.

OK. For the most part, these things go pretty much the same. The President comes in and gives a speech. Then the Reporters, with questions that most of the time are written by someone else for them to ask, turn into Horseshack from Welcome Back Carter. "Oh, oh, oh, Mr. President? Pick me, pick me." Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.

But not last night. Last night Obama went looking for the questioner. Call it his "inexperience showing" or whatever, but he did not do that great of job attempting to be spontaneous. Here are a few examples.

First up, Jenifer Loven from the AP. We know her, and we love her. I have posted her stuff here at the OPN before. She hated Bush, LOVES Obama, and does pretty much nothing but puff pieces about Obama. Her question, the AIG mess and the fact that this Administration is asking for UNPRECEDENTED Power and authority to take over Private Businesses. This was just a set up for him to attempt to explain it away as it being necessary for the good of the country.

Then Chuck Todd, who asked about the economic crisis being a "war," during wars people have to sacrifice and do things that they do not like nor would normal except. Get the point? Will you sign a budget without tax cuts? What about the tax burden on our children? He never really answered any of that. But then you have this. This was just to funny.

Obama "Is Lourdes here, from Univision?"

To set up his agenda of Gun Control and Immigration.

Obama "Kevin Baron, Stars and Stripes. Is Kevin here? There you go."

To attempt to silence his critics, like me, and the VA, about his proposals to cut the budget dealing with Veterans and attempt to force them to get their own Health care.

Obama "Okay. Ed Henry. Where’s Ed? There he is."

Why did it take him so long to show his "outrage" toward AIG? He wanted to know what he was talking about was the answer. I kid you not.

Then Major Garrett set him up to talk about our standing and the Global Economy. But then the follow up was off script.

QUESTION: Is there a need --

PRESIDENT OBAMA: That will just strengthen -- excuse me?

QUESTION: Is there a need for a global currency?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: I don’t believe that there’s a need for a global currency.

Then those tough questions about him DECREASING tax write offs for Charitable contributions. Paraphrasing here, Obama said. "Well, that will not stop them. I mean, if all you are looking for is a tax break, then I guess you really do not care about the cause." Talk about arrogance.

Then you have this little gem. Sorry folks, but this was suppose to come across as an example of spontaneous, but what it came across as was nothing but.

Obama calls on Ann Compton

Obama "Ann Compton. Hey, Ann."

QUESTION: Sir. (Soft laughter.)

PRESIDENT OBAMA: You sound surprised. (Laughter.)

QUESTION: I am surprised! (Chuckles.) Could I ask you about race?


Folks, {Laughing} this sounded like "Your Majesty. You oh great one, you will humble yourself to ask little old me if I have a question for you? Oh Sir. You said my name. Please oh Great One, may I ask you about Race?" Obama "Yes you may peasant. I want people to know that I do not see my critics as Racist, just stupid and bitter clingers,,uh, I mean, no. They are doing what they should do, holding me accountable."

{Sigh} So WHY was he looking for these people in the attendance? Because he KNEW the questions. He had his answers ready. When they went off script, he moved on. He was not brilliant. The questions were not tough. He was not even that good an Actor. But people will buy it.

Read the whole transcript if you want and you be the judge. See you tomorrow.

OPNTalk - Transcript of Obama News Conference 0324009


samspade said...

I swear Obama could have defecated on the stage and we would hear raves from the Obamites.

Yesterday Bill O Reilly was talking to Bob Becket the democrat mouthpiece and it was not long that Becket resorted to it was all Bush's fault because he could not answer questions why Obama's speech was less than stellar or that Obama sidestepped questions.

D.S.Harford said...

I can't remember ever seeing a news conference like that one.
It was obvious that the whole show was rehearsed. With the abomination picking reporters from a list.
God help us.

Peter said...

Hey Sam,

Welcome to the new Revamped OPNTalk Blog,

Bush's fault or Racism, whichever they can throw in there, or both. They can not argue the FACTS. Even the most avid Obamaid Drinker is starting to have a hard time defending this COMPLETELY CLEAR agenda of Socializing this country. I know some WANT it, as absurd as that is, but the majority really don't. I'm one of them.

In two years, if there is anything left, we can slow this train wreck down. But more people have to get there first. The Republicans putting up actual VIABLE Candidates might actually help as well.

Peter said...

Hey D.S.

Like the new look? I'm still debating it. Anyway, you said this.

"I can't remember ever seeing a news conference like that one."

Me either. I know Clinton had some planted questions, but nothing like this. This was all a show.

God help us all? God save America. WE need to save ourselves as well. In two years, we need to send a message. THIS IS AMERICA. NO DICTATORS WANTED.

D.S.Harford said...

The new look is great; I reloaded it a couple of times, thinking something was wrong. HaHA