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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Follow Up Obama To Doctors, You Will Kill

The Doctors are coming out against this.

Hey folks,

Last Sunday, I posted this. Obama To Doctors, You Will Kill I pointed out to you that Obama plans to repeal a Bush Administration rule that Doctors have a right not to participate in abortions.

The regulation, instituted in the last days of the Bush Administration, strengthened job protections for doctors and nurses who refuse to provide a medical service because of moral qualms.

I said this.

Time to get active again folks. Start writing, typing and calling and let them know how you feel. This is completely ridicules, however, predictable. Of course Obama, who wants Universal Healthcare, Government controlled Healthcare, wants to tell Doctors, "I do not care if you like it, believe in it, or not, you WILL kill babies." I agree with Tom McClusky.

Well, on Thursday March 5, 2009, Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) released this statement.

Today the Obama Administration published a proposed regulation to repeal the Provider Conscience Rule, which protects medical caregivers against being forced to do procedures contrary to their conscience.

This is a big step towards government tyranny over the medical profession.

Medical professionals should never be compelled to violate their consciences in treating patients. The integrity of the practice of medicine depends on physicians being able to decline to do what they feel is wrong.

Jane Orient, M.D., observed, "It is outrageous that the Obama Administration would move so aggressively to interfere with the practice of medicine in this country. A doctor's right to conscience is essential to preserving the integrity of the profession, and we will continue to stand in defense of it."

Saddam Hussein ordered doctors to amputate the right hands of merchants who conducted business in dollars, and atrocities of the Holocaust were perpetrated by ordering doctors to do inhumane and unthinkable procedures. We do not ever want to allow that in the United States.

But the Obama Administration is ordering the repeal in its entirety of the essential protection of the right to conscience. This exposes physicians, pharmacists, nurses and all caregivers to being forced to do what they think is wrong.

It seems that "change" under the Obama Administration really means a return to inhumane mistakes of the past. No patient is safe when doctors and others can be coerced to violate their consciences.


AAPS is a non-profit, professional association of physicians in all specialties, dedicated since 1943 to protection of the patient-physician relationship. It accepts no corporate or government funding, and its board members and officers serve without compensation.



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