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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Israel successfully tests anti-rocket system Out of Necessity

They are starting to question our Friendship

Hey folks,

Why not? Why should Israel NOT have a better defensive system. With all this talk by Obama and Crew about a Two State Solution. Video messages to Little Hitler in Iran, and promises that President Obama has already broken with Israel, why would they NOT start looking at ways to defend themselves better. They are most likely starting to question our resolve and friendship.

According to the AP - Israel successfully tests anti-rocket system By MATTI FRIEDMAN, Associated Press Writer Matti Friedman, Associated Press Writer

JERUSALEM – Israel's Defense Ministry says it has successfully tested a high-tech system designed to intercept incoming rockets.

A ministry statement says the Iron Dome system successfully dealt with incoming rockets of the types fired by Palestinian and Lebanese militants in tests this week, terming the test a "milestone."

The statement stopped short of saying the system shot rockets down with an interceptor missile. Defense officials said Friday the system will likely be ready by the 2010 target date for deployment.

The system fires missiles that home in on incoming short and medium-range rockets of the type used by militant groups Hamas and Hezbollah.

Israel is spending more than $200 million on the system.

I would be. They have been threatened, attacked over and over, and now we have a President that has not been the best of friends with them thus far. A President that wants to sit down and have tea and pastries with someone who is actively pursuing a Nuclear Bomb, and has said he wants to wipe Israel off the map. If I was Israel, at this point, I would be investing a lot more in a lot more. I would not be all the confident in America's backing if needed.

President Obama needs to reassure the Israelis that we still see them as one of our number one allies and he needs to reassure them we have their back. As of yet, he has done neither. The signals he has been sending them are mixed to say the least. This is a great move on their part. They can not afford to sit around and wait for Obama to get his head out of his ass. They need to protect themselves. Congratulations Israel on this accomplishment.

AP - Israel successfully tests anti-rocket system

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