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Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Danger of Obama Focusing Solely Inward

From a guy that has been there.

Hey folks,

As you know, I am big on foreign affairs. I have been watching and warning about Iran and Little Hitler {President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad} rise to power, talking about what his goal is, and continue his pursuit for Nuclear Weapons. I have been watching North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, China, and of course Islamic Terrorists whenever they pop up. I have been watching Russia and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin very closely and warning you that they are attempting to bring back the USSR.

Since Obama was elected President. He has really done nothing on the foreign affairs front. He has sent a letter to Russia attempting to cut deals, a Video Message to Little Hitler, and talked about how we are losing in Afghanistan. Contrary to any REAL evidence, Obama and his Administration continues to LIE about Iran and their capabilities and quest for Nuclear Technologies that WILL lead to them having a Nuclear Weapon.

No, Obama would much rather focus all his efforts inward, in his attempt to change the very nature of this country. To Socialize everything he can. He has even said that we need to learn from people like Chavez and places like China.

Meanwhile, the world is becoming even MORE dangerous, not less. More unstable, not less. The threat is growing because those that would love to see America gone, now feel liberated because THEY know who Obama really is. Inexperienced, naive, and seemingly wanting to BE one of them. A Dictator.

So now a guy that has been there is coming out to warn you about the growing, not decreasing threat, that this country faces. Gen. Richard Myers, who served as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from October 2001 until September 2005, is sounding the warning.

“They want to do away with our way of life,” Myers tells Newsmax TV’s Ashley Martella. “They could bring great harm to this country and our friends and allies.”

They may just have to be patient and allow Obama to do it for them. But Meyers IS right.

“After 9/11 we had some things we had to do right away,” said Myers, author of the new book, “Eyes on the Horizon: Serving on the Front Lines of National Security.”

“Afghanistan was one of them. Then we went into Iraq. But the development of a strategy to deal with the whole issue of violent extremism — we didn’t take the time to do that because we were so busy with the day to day."

Myers said the further America gets from the events of 9/11, the more complacent it gets, and the more danger the country is in.

“I’m not an alarmist but I did spend four years right after 9/11 looking at all this intelligence from violent extremists,” he says. “ They could [attack America] through biological weapons. God forbid if they get their hands on nuclear materials, they could do it that way as well. And they’re ruthless so we know they’d use them.”

Martella asked Myers about a new official British government report warning that the threat of a terrorist attack using a weapon of mass destruction, such as a nuclear or biological weapon, on a major city is higher than ever.

“I don’t see the intelligence on a daily basis anymore, but I do think the threat is very high,” Myers responded.

“It wasn’t that long ago, just a little more than a year ago, when that plot to bring airliners down over the North Atlantic [was thwarted]. I think there were 10 or 20 airliners involved in that plot. If that hadn’t been thwarted we’d be talking about 2,000 dead potentially from that.

“So like I said, they’re relentless, they’re ruthless. If they can get their hands on dangerous material, nuclear material, biological weapons, they wouldn’t hesitate to use them. They want to bring down the United States in particular and the West in general.”

This is one of the things I have been warning you about. You have a guy like Little Hitler. He said "Death to America." He Said, "I will wipe Israel off the map." He said, "Sanctions will never work, we will have nuclear technologies." He IS pursuing that. We have nothing he needs. He does not want money. He does not want land, goods, or services. How do you negotiate with someone who's starting point is you die? You can't.

On the Iranian threat, Myers declared: “Any country that sponsors terrorism, which Iran does, that doesn’t believe in the existence of the state of Israel, that is aggressively pursuing nuclear weapons — this is not a good thing.”

That is an understatement. But he is 100 percent correct. This is from a guy that has been there. A person that use to get daily updates and inside information. This is a guy that KNOWS these threats that America faces.

As President Obama runs around the country, playing Emperor, giving phony press conferences, the World grows darker. The danger grows. America is increasingly more vulnerable. The dangers we face from the outside are growing. What are we focused on? AIG Bonuses that the Obama Administration arranged to be put in the Stimulus to begin with. Meanwhile Iran is building a Nuclear Weapon with EVERY INTENT on using it.

Some say the danger we face on the INSIDE is even more dangerous for this country. I tend to agree.

Newsmax - Gen. Richard Myers: U.S. Enemies Seek WMDs to End 'Our Way of Life'

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