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Friday, January 21, 2011

27 Democrat Seats Up In 2012

Death of Obamacare?

Hey folks,

Short and sweet today. Today IS the day. Laura is due TODAY. My Second Son is due in this World any moment now. If not today, most definitely on Monday at 7:30ish. So my concentration is elsewhere. Once Eli comes, of course we will be on HIS Schedule. However, right now we are on MINE.

Happy Friday to ya. If you want to be part of the OPNTalk Blog, just like SR, you can Email me at Congratulations welcome. {Smile} Just kidding.

"Peter, why do you insist on mindlessly repeating the talking points of the right? Why do you believe that this vote was anything more than a symbolic jester? Of course Senator Reid is not going to waste time on this vote. You are dreaming."

Well? First, welcome to the OPNTalk Blog SR. I've answered questions like this MANY times. Just look at what time I posted yesterday's "Daily Post" and if you listened to Rush, the EARLIEST you are going to get his show is 9am West Coast. I'm NOT mindlessly reposting ANYTHING.

What SR is upset about is this. I said THIS Yesterday OPNTalk - House Listens, Repeals Obamacare
Now what you will hear all day is the MMD and the LWL saying this was all pointless. This will never even come up for a Vote in the Senate. {Because Harry Reid and Obama are both scared it WILL pass. There are a lot of Democrats that are up for re-election in 2012. They want to keep their jobs. If that means going against Harry Reid and Obama, so be it.} They will say that Obama will never sign a Bill doing away with his greatest accomplishment. They will tell you how this was all a big fat waste of time, and we have more important things to worry about. They will tell you that this means, and did, nothing.
Yesterday at the start of his show, Rush Limbaugh said this.
Dingy Harry said there's not gonna be a vote. He knows he might lose it. There's a bunch of Democrats in the Senate up for reelection in 2012, and he doesn't want to have to force those guys on the record. He is afraid of all the Democrats in the Senate who would vote to repeal this thing. This is by no means anything other than an expression of and a sticking to of principle. No political theater intended here. Isn't it interesting how the momentum can shift in just one political day? Prior to the vote yesterday, people on our side, "It's over, we lost the momentum, ah, this stuff in Tucson," now everybody's back up, and revved up, ready to go.
We, and others, are all saying the same thing, contrary to the MMD, because it is TRUE. There are 27 seats up for re-election in the Senate in 2012. If it means sacrificing Obamacare to get re-elected and to protect the Democrat Majority in the Senate, SO BE IT. They really care for nothing more than to be re-elected and holding on to power.

Look, like I also said yesterday,
They are WRONG. What this DOES do, is energize the American People. What this DOES do, is let the People know, "We heard ya. We are here to work FOR ya. We will not back down." What it did do is set a stage that the LWL now have to decide how to proceed. They have Three options.
The three options are business as usual, Pretend to Change, or ACTUALLY Change. They are EXTREMELY distraught over losing the House. They DO NOT want to lose the Senate, and or, the White House in 2012. They want the House BACK. So if it means sacrificing Obamacare, even at the possible cost of losing the White House, so be it. They can still get a lot done with a Republican President, as long as THEY control the House and the Senate. They do not want this tidal wave that sweep them out of the House to come back around in 2012. They KNOW that the Majority of the American People want this Repealed. They NOW know that the House Republicans are no joke, and they are SERIOUS about listening to the People.

If they are thinking Politically, and lets face it, when are they NOT, they would Repeal Obamacare. Kill it dead. Then they would work WITH the Republicans to come up with an Alternative that is good for ALL. Oh sure, they will tick off the LWL. They will upset the Left Wing Fringe Loons. But they will gain respect and maybe even a little like, by those in the Middle. The Moderates, Sane Democrats, and Republicans that will sacrifice their Party, if their Party puts up a RINO, for this to all get done. It really is a NO LOSE Scenario for the Senate to Repeal this.

No SR, sorry. This is HUGE. This is the first step towards a brighter tomorrow, and the American People are ready for it. Sorry. {Smile}

Folks, depending SOLELY on Eli, I may or may NOT see you Sunday. Have a GREAT Weekend.
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