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Friday, January 14, 2011

License Plates For Bicycles

"What's next? Bike License?"

Hey folks,

OK! First, this coming Sunday I will answer ALL your questions. I will be doing a Special Behind the OPNTalk Blog Screen, Arizona Edition. "What do I think of the Presidents Speech?" "Why did you just post it and not say anything?" What do you think of the Tee Shirt Giveaway?" "Freedoms?" "Were those lost, lost again?" ETC. Once in a blue moon, I do a Behind the Scenes type of segment. Why do I post "Hey folks?" "How do I pick articles to use. "Do I work for Big Oil?" ETC. When I get asked enough, or the same question in different forms, I think you really want an answer. So I take time out to answer. Just ME, YOU, questions and answers. This is Friday so I'm going through the Emails and I'm having a hard time seeing ANYTHING NOT related to Arizona and the Shooting. So this Sunday, I will take the time out to answer them all. All the Questions I have gotten in the Emails, and in person, ETC. in reference to this whole situation. If you want to ask me a question, you can Email me too. Just Email me at, post it here, or elsewhere, you know where to find me, and I will answer them.

OK. Lets start over.

Hey folks,

Happy Friday to ya. Since it IS Friday, Time to go to the Emails.

"What's next? Bike License?" Most likely. I knew this had to be a Democrat. According to CBS News Philly - NJ Politician Proposes License Plates For Bicycles
PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – If a proposed bill becomes law in New Jersey, bicyclists will have to pay to register bikes or face a fine.

The bill, introduced by Democratic New Jersey assemblywoman Cleopatra Tucker of Essex, requires owners to register bikes with the Motor Vehicle Commission for $10 dollars a piece or face fines up to $100. A license plate would be issued and will have to be displayed when riding on public roads. Plates would be valid for two years.

John Boyle with the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia is against the proposed bill.

“Her office has an issue with bicyclists on the sidewalks,” he said. “We are asking our New Jersey members and people in the state of New Jersey to contact their state assembly representatives and ask them to oppose this legislation,” Boyle said.

Boyle says the enforcement will be almost impossible. He believes it would also be a drain on police resources and a financial burden to some.
It's typical. She is a Liberal Democrat. It's also nothing to do with Bikes on the Sidewalks. What Democratic New Jersey assemblywoman Cleopatra Tucker of Essex is concerned about is MONEY. She sees this as an easy way to rob the people of NJ of more of their money.

If you have to register, and get Plates for your Bikes, you have to enter into a LEGAL contract with the State. Last I checked, you had to be an Adult to do so. So would this ban Bikes from kids? If the People riding the Bikes hurt someone, would the STATE not now hold responsibility? They gave them a License to ride. Will the Bikers now have to go and take tests, ETC.?

I'm willing to bet she doesn't care about all that. Someone told her there are, say, a Million Bikes in NJ. She thought, "Well, if we find a way to charge them $10.00 a piece?" You get the point.

Have a GREAT Weekend folks. See you Sunday.

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