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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Obama's 2010, The Numbers Tell The Story

Tomorrow, January 5th, is the first full House

Hey folks,

That's right. They are all pretty much there now, but the first official full day of the New House, the 112 Congress commences tomorrow, January 5th, 2011. CBS News had a great piece posted by Mark Knoller, 123110. Here it is.
(Credit: CBS/AP) WASHINGTON - No numbers in the year just ending are more consequential for President Obama than the results of the midterm elections. His party lost seats in the Senate and its majority in the House. The full impact of those numbers will only start to be felt when the 112th Congress convenes next Wednesday.

But other numbers from 2010 add shading and perspective to other aspects of the second year of the Obama presidency:

Speeches, statements and remarks: 491

-Since taking office: 883

News conferences and press availabilities: 27

-Formal, solo White House Press Conferences: 6

-Since taking office: 69 total, 11 WH.

Town hall meetings: 17

-Since taking office: 40

-Backyard chats: 7

Domestic trips: 65 spanning 104 days

-Since taking office: 111 spanning 176 days

States visited for the first time: 9

-Since taking office: 38

Vacation trips: 6 (all or part of 32 days)

-Since taking office: 10 spanning 58 days

Foreign trips: 6 trips to 8 countries spanning 22 days.

-Since taking office: 16 trips to 25 countries spanning 70 days.

Flights on Air Force One: 172

-Since taking office: 328

Flights on Marine One: 196

-Since taking office: 386

Unemployment Rates:

-January 8 2010: 10 percent.

-December 3, 2010: 9.8 percent.

National Debt in 2010: Up $1.56-trillion

-January 1, 2010: $12.311-trillion

-December 28, 2010: $13.871-trillion

Bills signed in 2010: 203.

-Since taking office: 329.

Cabinet meetings: 6

-Since taking office: 12

Visits to Camp David:

-In 2010: 4 visits, 8 days.

-Since taking office: 15 visits: 35 days.


-Golf: 29 rounds in 2010

-Since taking office: 57 rounds.

-Basketball: 20 basketball outings.

-Since taking office: 28

Interviews: 107 in 2010

-Since taking office: 254

Meetings with foreign leaders: In 2010, President Obama had face-to-face meetings with 61 foreign leaders, 30 for the first time.

Days of no appearances: 24

-Since taking office: 45

Presidential pardons: 9

-President Obama granted the first and only pardons of his presidency on Dec 3, 2010.

CBS News - Obama's 2010: By the Numbers
Now you can take away from that whatever you chose. But what I find amazing is that it shows that Obama is a failure. And he likes to take Vacation and Play Golf. In 2010, Speeches, statements and remarks: 491, News conferences and press availabilities: 27 -Formal, solo White House Press Conferences: 6 National Debt in 2010: Up $1.56-trillion -January 1, 2010: $12.311-trillion -December 28, 2010: $13.871-trillion Unemployment Rates: {Which EVERYONE, even Obama Friendly Economists, say more like 17 to 20 Percent when adding in those that stopped looking, Part Time, and under Employed, Seasonal, ETC.-January 8 2010: 10 percent. -December 3, 2010: 9.8 percent. So whatever he said with all that talking helped NO ONE.

Then you have this. Bills signed in 2010: 203. Some of which, no, ALL of which costs MORE money and helps NO ONE. Unemployment, Foreclosures, Record Highs. now the "removed" End of Life Counseling, AKA Death Panels, kick in this year in Obamacare. Which is a whole other issue, yet HAS to be added. Another number that has to be added is $3.15 to $5.00 a gallon of Gas. No new Drilling for Seven years, says Obama. This means EVERYTHING will be going up. But we already talked about that.

Yes Obama and the Minions in the 111 Congress HAVE been busy. But none of it is to HELP you. None of it is for the betterment of America. It has ALL been based solely on agenda driven, Dream chasing, Liberal Ideology. It was an attempt to, as Obama SAID he wanted to, TRANSFORM the very foundation of this Country.

Now some are already attacking the New House, and the "Tea Party People" that are coming to take over. I have actually seen Polls, "How do you think the Republicans are doing in the House?" "Are you satisfied with the Job the Republicans are doing?" THEY START TOMORROW. No one can HONESTLY answer that type of Poll. Yet the results are in, most unhappy with them. {Laughing} Mostly of course completed by Libs. But you get the point. How are you enjoying that Raise you got NEXT Week? See what I mean?

No folks. They have yet to take the Reigns. Do I have my doubts? Yup. But do I have Hope? YES. Do I want Change? YES. Will they do the Right thing? We'll have to wait and see. Energy is only one aspect of a greater picture. But it is one that effects EVERYONE. They sure do have their work cut out for them. We'll have to wait to see if they are up to it.

CBS News - Obama's 2010: By the Numbers

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