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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The FACTS On Loughner Being Ignored

The Liberal Loons Attempting to NOT let this tragedy go to waste.

Hey folks,

We'll check in at the Energy Front tomorrow. I have to comment about this INSANITY. Both the insanity of the Shooter, and that of the State Run MMD {Mass Media Drones} and the Liberal Loons in Congress. I also have to comment about this Sheriff who is getting his Fifteen Minutes. He should be FIRED.

First my heart and Prayers, as I'm sure most of YOURS out there, continue to be with those that are attempting to recover, and with those who lost loved ones during this horrendous tragedy.

OK. The FACTS. This guy Loughner. Those who knew him say that he was a Pothead. That he was a Liberal Loon in his Political Views. Hell, the guy wanted to make Marijuana the new National Currency.

He was FEARED by his Classmates. The claim that they would sit near the door for an easy escape in case he brought a Gun into School.

He went to a number of her Public Appearances He thought that she was not respecting him. There is evidence that he has been after her since around 2007. LONG before Palin became a favorite target of the Liberal Loons, and LONG before the Tea Party even existed.

He NEVER mentioned Palin, Talk Radio, the "Republican Right." As a Matter of Fact, one of the last things he wrote about is his anger at the ECONOMY. Who is it that got us here? That's right. Obama and Crew. The NEWEST Member, the New Chief of Staff William Daley, was a Lobbyist for, and sat on the BOARD of, Fannie Mae. Also on the same day Obama announced this guy to be his new chief of staff, the former J.P Morgan Chase & Co. Executive exercised restricted stock in the Investment Bank valued at $2.7 million. So this guy helped put us where we are now, and PROFITED from it majorly.

Yet, this Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, on the day of the Shooting, came out and attacked Sarah Palin and the Tea Party. No evidence whatsoever that this Kook has ANYTHING to do with either. But he sure is enjoying his Fifteen Minutes. Being on TV, Flying all over the place. SOMEONE is paying for all this. It's not HIM.

Look, this guy is a Liberal Democrat that ran for Office as a Democrat. He actual made a Statement that, and I'm paraphrasing here, "Debate is good, but there are consequences." So in other words what this Moron is saying, is the typical Liberal BS. The Left can say and do whatever they want. They can Lie, Cheat, and COMPLETELY make stuff up. Like with Bush and Palin. They can Lie and make stuff up about the Tea Party. They can attack Private Citizens like Joe the Plumber, and go after Rush with the full power of Congress. The Liberal Loon sites out there can post WHATEVER they want, including OPENLY wishing for the Death of Rush, Cheney, and others. The MMD can do the same. But YOU? YOU better not even THINK about criticising Obama. If you do it's Racist, Bigoted, and HATE SPEECH. Do not even think about opposing insane and ANTI-AMERICAN Legislation coming out of the Congress. You're too stupid to know what's good for you anyway.

Folks, there is NO Evidence whatsoever that this guy is anything more than a Mentally Deranged individual. He does not represent ANYONE but himself. He does not listen to Talk Radio, nor is a member of the Tea Party. This is NOT a product of someone being driven to this by Palin, Rush, or anyone else. He is a KOOK and needs to be locked away for life.

Folks, these Idiots, from the Sheriff, whom is incapable of doing his job, so he should be FIRED, to the Liberals in Congress that already have Bills written to ban Guns and Ammo, to the MMD. They are ALL making themselves look like complete fools. They are all showing us WHY they were thrown out of power. The Insanity of the Left, continues to grow daily. I'm starting to wonder if ANY of them are actually fit to Serve. Well, work. They only Serve themselves.

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