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Friday, January 21, 2011

OPNTalk On Hiatus 012311

Sorry to do this.

Hey folks,

It's Friday at 9:30 pm. It's the official Due Date for my Son Eli to be born into the world. He has decided that he has other plans. He is all warm and cozy, and it appears that we will have to "encourage him" to bless this world on Monday.

As you can imagine, Laura is quite uncomfortable and is ready for the whole thing to be over. She is showing signs that Eli may be getting ready. I know SHE is. So needless to say, my attention is going to be elsewhere for the next few days. Just can't focus on what I'm reading.

No Big Sunday Edition this week. I have a HUGE Stack of stuff I wanted to talk about, and it's only Friday. {Laughing} I will try to make it up during the week sometime, or just dump it and start from scratch whenever I return. But FRET NOT, I WILL return soon, with GREAT news, and a NEW edition to the Carlock Family. YES I will be posting Pictures.

To all my Friends out there wishing me Congrats, and keeping me, more importantly Laura, and Eli, in your hearts and prayers, THANK YOU! Sincerely, THANK YOU! Josh says thank you too.

Hope you all have a great Weekend, I will talk to ya soon.

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