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Thursday, January 20, 2011

House Listens, Repeals Obamacare

We won the Election.

Hey folks,

Remember all those times when the American people stood up, and told Congress and Obama, enough is enough. We do not want any more Bailouts, Government Take Overs, Obamacare, Out of control Spending. What were we told over and over again by Nancy Pelosi and Obama? "We won the Election." "Elections have consequences."

That true. They do. When EVERYONE {Meaning Vast Majority}in this country said we want nothing to do with Obamacare. They said tough. When the Republicans said "Hey, we will work with you. You say some 40 million do not have Healthcare, great. Lets work on a program to FIX the Healthcare System where it seems to be failing." Pelsoi said, "We won the Election." In other words, "We do not need you. WE are in charge and WE will bring about Obamacare." Then they locked the Republicans out of various meetings, and bragged about their power.

When the Republicans told Obama, "Hey, the American People do not want this. They will not go along with it. It will cost too much money. It will destroy the Greatest Healthcare System in the World. Let us work with you and try to find some stuff we can all agree with and work on that." Obama said "We won the Election." In other words, "I do not need you. I am in charge and I will bring about Obamacare."

Then of course the MMD {Mass Media Drones} and the LWL {Left Wing Looneys} fell in line singing the Praises of Healthcare Utopias like Venezuela and Cuba. Not kidding. Then they start to hear from YOU. The People. Small Businesses, and even some Doctors, saying we just will not participate in this. So? Instead of the LWL and Obama, rethinking this, extending an olive branch to the Republicans and attempting to come up with Plan B, they said, "Oh yes you will, or we will FINE you. Every YEAR you do not." Can't do that. You can't tax people in that manor. "This is NOT a Tax." OK. The "Fine" is Unconstitutional. "It's a TAX. Just shut up, know your Role, and be good little Citizens. I, uh, I mean, WE, here in the Ruling Class, WE are smarter than you. WE know what's best. We won the Elections. We do not need you, nor do we need to listen to you."

Well, November 2010 just came and went. There were Elections, and guess what? WE WON THE ELECTION. The Left got Annihilation in the House of Representatives. They took a Beating in the Senate but barely hold on. The message to the New Speaker and the New House Members was CLEAR. Stop THINKING you know what the American People want or need, and LISTEN to the American People. Govern FOR the People, not AGAINST the Will of the People. You had better Walk and Walk, after you have done such a great job Talking the talk.

Nearly, if not since day one after the tallies were completed, what did we get from the Left? What did you hear from the MMD? That's right. "We need to work together. The American People want Bipartisanship. They want us to all sit together at the State of the Union. They want us all working together." What happened to "We won the Elections. We do not need you, nor do we need to listen to you?"

As far as Obamacare goes, we started to have even Card Carrying Members of the LWL coming out saying things like "Yeah, there are many problems with Obamacare. Lets work together and fix those things we can all agree with. Just keep it in place, and lets just modify some stuff." The PEOPLE said, NO. We want it REPEALED REPEALED, REPEALED. "Uh, say, I don't know, uh, it'll cost a lot of money to Repeal." The MMD and the LWL then said "OK. It'll cost a TRILLION Dollars to Repeal." Just like extending the Bush Tax rate will cost $800 Billion. It didn't. Because the money was never there to lose. It will not cost ANYTHING to do away with something that WILL cost TWO Trillion once fully implemented.

So yesterday, January 19, 2011, the House Walked the Walk. With three Democrats siding with a completely unified Republican front, they Voted to Repeal Obamacare, 245 to 189.

Now what you will hear all day is the MMD and the LWL saying this was all pointless. This will never even come up for a Vote in the Senate. {Because Harry Reid and Obama are both scared it WILL pass. There are a lot of Democrats that are up for re-election in 2012. They want to keep their jobs. If that means going against Harry Reid and Obama, so be it.} They will say that Obama will never sign a Bill doing away with his greatest accomplishment. They will tell you how this was all a big fat waste of time, and we have more important things to worry about. They will tell you that this means, and did, nothing.

They are WRONG. What this DOES do, is energize the American People. What this DOES do, is let the People know, "We heard ya. We are here to work FOR ya. We will not back down." What it did do is set a stage that the LWL now have to decide how to proceed. They have Three options.

1 - Say forget that. Continue as they have for the past few years, ignoring the People. And 2012 will come and the PEOPLE will say, "You know what, if we could get the Senate to work for us like the House, look what we could do. The POWER would be back in the hands of the PEOPLE." They will do whatever they can to make the Senate look more like the House in 2012. If not take Obama out completely. {Politically speaking of course}

2- PRETEND that they hear you. Maybe even SACROFICE Obamacare to attempt to save their Jobs. Hope that you are fooled enough to keep them in power, or even maybe RESTORE the House into their control.

3- ACTUALLY LISTEN to the American People. Start to ACTUALLY Listen to, and work FOR the American People. Compete with the Right on individual IDEA based concepts, with clear plans and STOP the out of control spending that accomplishes NOTHING.

The sad thing, to me anyway, is that they will chose Option 1. Like little kids that got sent to time out, they will throw temper tantrums and will do whatever they can to block ANYTHING that the Republicans attempt to do. They do so at they own peril.

GREAT JOB House Republicans and Speaker Boehner. Keep up the good work. We ARE with you.

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