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Monday, January 24, 2011

Today IS The Day

012411, The day my Son is born.

Hey folks,

It's been a long haul. But like Christmas Morning 2010, Joshua is excited. Well, a little confused, scared, and excited. Me? OK. A bit of the same. This is the day. 012411, The day my Son is born. The day Joshua gets a Brother.

Last Doctor visit, the Medical Staff guesstimated Eli was nearing 8 pounds. Laura's official due date was Friday. So since other than a few brief periods of Cramping, Eli seems to be all warm and cozy, and in NO rush whatsoever to bless the World. The Medical team working with us said this is pretty normal for a second child and that there was nothing to worry about. They highly recommended Induction this morning, at 7:30am. Laura is ready to have this all over with. So is Josh, and I am as well. We are all excited to have Eli become an official member of the family. So is my Niece Selina. If she wants to admit it or not. {Smile}

So just about 3 hours from now, the process will begin. Thank you all again for your Congratulations, thoughts and prayers. I will update as soon as I can and of course, there WILL be pictures.

Have a GREAT day everyone. Talk to you soon.

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waytenmom said...

YAY!! I will pray for a safe delivery and for your continued well being with your new addition!