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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Prices At The Pump, Must Include Taxes

That's a BIG chuck, and some want more.

Hey folks,

Talking about the Price at the Pump. We have already discussed the sheer size of the numbers when dealing with Oil and Natural Gas and how some on the Left use these numbers as weapons of mass distraction when attacking "Big Oil." "They just made $10 Billion in profit." ETC. Yet they never tell you the BILLIONS and HUNDREDS of BILLIONS it costs "Big Oil" to go out, explore, extract, refine, ship, and then sell. These numbers are so huge that some can not wrap their minds around them.

Then you see the Price go UP. You see $3.15 to $5.00 a gallon, as some are talking it may go by NEXT Summer, and you think that "Big Oil" is making out like fools, while you are struggling to fill your tank just to go to work.

Yet, as we have talked about before, what numbers are NOT big, is the PERCENT per $1.00 a gallon that "Big Oil" makes. Here is another HUGE number for you. TAXES. So the Energy Companies spend Hundreds of Billions to go through the Process. Again, they have to find it, extract it, refine it, ship it. They make a couple of cents a gallon profit. Now lets look at Government. They do NOTHING. They make an average 48.1 cents on each Gallon. Nearly half the dollar, EVERY dollar you spend, the Government gets. For doing NOTHING. Our friends over at Energy Tomorrow have put together a couple of excellent graphs to show you just how much you are paying per State.

Then lets talk about the Price of ANY THING else that you buy. You go to your local Big Box Stores to get Product ABC which yesterday cost $4.00, NOW cost you $6.00. Why? It costs more to get it there. Here is a look at Diesel

Our friend Jane Van Ryan illustrates it this way.

Excise taxes vary from state-to-state and average 48.1 cents on each gallon of gasoline across the nation. These taxes include the federal tax of 18.4 cents per gallon, as well as applicable sales taxes, gross receipts taxes, oil inspection fees, county and local taxes, underground storage tank fees and other miscellaneous environmental fees.
The more every one's pet projects are charged, or added to the Price at the Pump, the HIGHER the Prices go. Higher on Gas, Home Heating, Electric, Food, Cloths, ETC., EVERYTHING goes up.

So think about this. If "Big Oil" made Ten Billion Profit in a quarter, then how much did the Government make in that same period, for doing NOTHING, and where oh where has all that money gone?

Look folks, we want affordable Energy, more National Security, lower costs for ALL, we can get there. End this pointless Moratorium. Allow us to use our OWN Natural Resources. Allow us to ADD to the Supply side of the equation, decreasing the Demand and lowering costs or ALL things. We would also be less reliant on those that do not even like us. If we REALLY want to see the Price at the Pump drop big time, Reduce the taxes a bit. We COULD be near if not UNDER $2 bucks a gallon TOMORROW! So who is it really to blame for the high Gas Prices? Those standing in the way of Sanity.

Energy Tomorrow - Taxes at the Pump

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Bob "The Gas Guy" van der Valk said...

Great job of putting graphics with the article. What happens to they ethanol rebate of 4 1/2 cents per gallon? It is my understanding that is not being passed along to the non-contracted independent service station owners by their suppliers in all cases.